JD to listen to offline As well as

JD sports sell a wide range of products for males, females
and children. They Trainers, tracksuits, sportswear, accessories (bags, hats, scarfs,
gloves), winter wear, jeans and a range of different sport accessories, such as
football boots and shirts. They also sell equipment and accessories for a lots
of other sports such as UFC, NFL, Tennis, rugby1,
boxing etc. JD sports also sell sports technology such as heart rate monitors,
sport watches and various training equipment.

ITunes offers a range of music, movies and TV shows. There
are 40 million songs to choose from with no ads, ITunes
also allows you to Download albums and tracks
to listen to offline As well as this, you can purchase gift cards, ITunes
subscriptions, even apple TV. The website also provides support and tutorials
on how to use their products and services.

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On the JD website you can enter your order number and email
to track your purchase, it tells you where it is and when it will arrive. For delivery,
you can pay with Pay pal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple pay etc. JD also includes a
free plastic duffle bag with every delivery.


To download songs on ITunes you need to enter your Apple ID
and password. When delivering purchases such as headphones or speakers, it
allows you to track your items which tells you when it will arrive.



JD sports use social media to promote new products, contact
their existing customers and attract new ones. They use Instagram, Twitter and
Facebook (Facebook having 1,135,821 likes, twitter having around 700,000
follower’s and Instagram having 855,000 followers) their social media also
allows them to collect helpful data to help improve their services and products. They promote products by posting pictures
on social media of specific products and posting the link to it. As well as this they post tutorials on
how to take care of the things you buy from them, for example they show how to
use a product called     ‘crept protect’
which cleans shoes.

They also use promo codes which let customers have a certain
amount off products for a limited time, such as 15% off their next purchase.
They use these to drive traffic to their website to make people aware that the
deals are happening and increase the amount of people buying products from
their website.

When you make a purchase in the iTunes Store, your
account is billed at the time of or shortly after your transaction. Once you
download something it will appear in your library, then you can listen to or
watch it.

Pay by card – visa, MasterCard, apple pay, PayPal etc. Or

ITunes uses social media to promote new movies, TV shows and
songs. It also gives a link to the website or new products in the description
of their page. They have 1.3 million followers on Instagram.