It children. Sarfaraz and his family are

It was 10 o clock in the evening, Sarfaraz just finished meeting up with his client regarding on a breach contract case. Before this Sarfaraz used to work with a former politician in his district. At his living area, there are always controversial political issues that involved with several parties. He knew he is targeted by some people and he might be killed if needed since he has some confidential documents with him. That documents cannot fall into the wrong person as some individuals oppose the way politics is run in that area. As he expected, lucky was not by his side. Sarfaraz was shot down by a hitman and he died on the spotThree days after that incident, his wife and families from both sides all went to Sarfaraz’s funeral. Everyone cannot believe their eyes that he was shot during working. Now everyone feels real sympathy to his family. He left a widow and a daughter and a son. Saba is now taking care her daughter Fatema and her son Javed alone in their house in Bombay. Before this Sarfaraz is the only one who goes to work to earn household income since in India women are not allowed to further their education. Women are expected to stay at home doing house chores and taking care of the children. Sarfaraz and his family are devoted Muslim. Sarfaraz goes to the masjid for Friday prayer every week and when he has some spare time, he will attend some religious talk near his house. Saba is a 25-year-old pretty lady who lost her husband at the young age and she was raised by a religious family and strictly follow the old Indian custom. Saba and Sarfaraz never knew each other before married because their marriage was arranged by their family. At that time, she cannot reject the proposal because she is the eldest daughter and she never goes to school. Besides she needs to ease the burden of her family, so she opted to marry to Sarfaraz by her own choice. Saba is considered as a lucky woman among another woman because her husband takes good responsibility and never treat her badly just like typical other Indian men who likes to insult their own wives and some of them even abuse their wife physically and mentally. Saba loves to read. Her husband used to buy her many books that cover many various issues that involved around her. She realizes that as a woman she cannot change the other’s mentality easily, but she can do her best in raising her children gracefully and in a correct way. Saba comprehends the idea of human equality and women’s right thus at early marriage she already discussed the issue with her late husband. Considering that late Sarfaraz was a good husband to her, he respected Saba’s opinions and never opposed or mocked her ideas. Saba herself never generalizes that Indian men have the same attitude and she is grateful for her husband as he is not like the other typical Indian men. Saba also had the opportunity to learn English with her late husband, Sarfaraz. She managed to learn English consistently for about 4 years. When she had enough confidence in her English skill in term of understanding, reading, and writing, she asked her late husband to buy him several Indian English novels. Saba used to read novels that written by famous authors such as Mulk Raj Anand, Anita Desai, Nayantara Sahgal and Kiran Desai. She believes that to change someone’s mentality it should start with the inner self. She needs to change the way how she thinks first and fills her mind with general knowledge and intellectual thought and ideas.. After 2 months after her husband Sarfaraz passed away, Saba is having a hard time to earn a living with her two children Fatema and Javed. She becomes more unfortunate when there are several civil servants come to her house and claim for her husband’s property. Saba cannot do anything because Saba lacks education. Saba can only listen and let them do what they want as long as they never take her children away from her. After she settles the problems with the workers she only has enough saving to survive for several months. She has made a decision to move out from her house and goes back to her parents’ house in a small town in West Bengal. Becoming a widow at the young age brings disaster to Saba’s life. The villagers mock her by calling her ‘dakin’ (husband-eater) and to some extent, several people even call her prostitute. Saba realizes that after her husband passed away, this issue is going to happen in this life because she used to observe the social stigma in Indian society. If somebody becomes a widow the society believe that she will invite evil spirit and calamities to the people around her. She has experience in watching another widow was beat by the other men in a house. Other villagers noticed the event but none of them took any action to stop the men from beating the women. It has become a custom in India and it is hard to change the way how Indian live their life. India is a country who has many people who are of many races and different religious background. In fact, to some degree, society regards the widow as genderless and change the term ‘she’ to ‘it’. Surprisingly, Saba faced the same situation a week ago when she walked an alley to buy groceries at the nearby shop. Saba apprehends that she needs to be strong for her children because her children’s future depends on her.Saba sits down on a chair at her home. It was five o clock in the evening. She does nothing but contemplating her miserable life. She learns to accept the problem that she has because she knows someone who had it worse than her. “I have a friend name Dalal. I knew Dalal because Dalal used to live in my neighborhood. I never thought that I will end up like Dalal’s fate. However, Dalal had it worst. She has been married to a guy who is 20 years older than her. They had two kids. After five years of marriage, Dalal’s husband died because of chronic illness. Dalal was 20 back then. She could not accept what society has done to her. She eventually gave her kids to her late husband’s family. Her husband was a laborer so when he died, Dalal became poorer. She was in a midst of hardship. At that young age, she cannot be independent, so she ended up being humiliated by society. The worst thing that happened to her that she was raped by several men. After few months, the last time I heard about her, she becomes a prostitute. We live in a society where we cannot be pretty anymore because we are widows. We are vulnerable towards society and we cannot voice out our thoughts and opinions seeing that the society always has issues with the women who become widows even though we never did anything harm towards them. It is as if we cannot even breath because breathing also can lead us to seclusion.”Out of the blue, Fatema comes to her and complaints about herself. “Amma, look at my body. There are some kids punched me and it hurts so bad. They said that you are a dakin. Amma, what is a dakin? There is a boy who is older than me urging us to stay away from them. He said we need to move away. But why, what is the reason? I do not have any friends here. Besides, Javed is still a toddler and he knows nothing. I miss dada. If he is still alive, we do not to live like this amma.” Fatema starts to cry. Saba looks at her face and wipes her tears. “We need to believe in Allah, my dear Fatema. Come and follow me, I will show you something that will help you and ease your heart.” Saba replied. Fatema follows Saba to a shelf. Saba takes out the Quran and opens the chapter 2. She starts reciting the Quranic verse in front of Fatema. “Now Fatema, listen to the meaning of these verses. ‘We will test you with a certain amount of fear, hunger, and loss of wealth and life and fruits of your toil. But give good news to the steadfast. Those who, when disaster strike then, say ‘We belong to Allah and to him we will return’. Those are the people who will have blessing and mercy from their Lord; they are the one who is guided’ 2:153. So, do not be sad my precious daughter, there will be the time that we will experience the happiness in our life. We just need to believe in Allah and surely, He will help us. Saba ends up giving Fatema a warm hug. Fatema is always being a good daughter to her. Saba believes that one fine day, the society will treat all the widows fairly and with full of respects.