It gave value of life. It was

It took me 2 years to endure my situation when I stepped on new land knowing nothing. It was something that changed my life and changed my value of life. It shocked me as I realized there are no infinite allies in my life, but it was myself to adopt the environment around me. It allowed me to rely on my friend who taught me how to approach the field of computer engineer and this friend pushed me forward of determining my future career. After listening my father’s old naïve dream of constructing robot when he was young, it pushed my passion to the limit, and I recognized my destiny of devoting myself in computer engineering.My life has been variable to the situation since I was the follower of the man whose work has been mostly abroad. My schools, friends, and environments were something that was easily changeable and it slowly took my interest in them. However, I had my computer which always stayed with me and taught me new things and gave value of life. It was something that became my tool to deal with my situation that always changed. The field of computer engineering was always fasinating and exciting which gave meaning to my life.I am living in the world that also is in change from old technology to new technology. The technology in computer engineering rapidly developed along the shift, and I experienced change in my situation throughout my life. I learned how to adopt the change and I am confident  that I am ready for the change. During my years in United States, my father worked in Rockhead Martin. I was fortunate to visit such great company where most highly-advanced technology was in place. I met my father’s coeworkers who told me that the future world will need more engineer and they will contribute significantly to the world. After visiting the place, I found myself dreaming of working as engineer and contributing myself in future technology. Even though I was young, it fixed my goal in studying engineering and becoming an engineer. In my school years, i joined computer programming class and learned basic coding and programming. I also created my own program and shared with my peers which earned achievements from programming. Furthermore, I wish to develop my software that could contribute to the society and the world. It is my dream of achieving the goal of being a part of global trend which technology is the primary industry. To achieve my goal,I choose Sungkyunkwan university in computer engineering. It will assist me in acheving goal through supporting advanced faciluties for engineering course. Consequently I wish to work for Samgsung which is the leading corporation in South Korea and it funds SKK university and it gives more opportunities for those students. This will allow me to have experience in my major and enable me to apply this knolwedge to contribute to the world which continuously changing in more advanced technology. I thank you so much for your consideration.