It no such thing as ‘right moment’. When

It is a
common problem- it gets difficult to move from plans to actions. There is
always something in between your thinking and your action. Your procrastination
can be due to your lack of interest, or maybe you are not confident or anything
else. Of course, we have to think before starting anything, but too much
thinking and not doing anything is a waste. If you are not implementing your
knowledge into action then you can’t accept results. And implementing your
knowledge also requires learning. For example, you thought about everything and
started your business but you had no idea about consequences, results or
anything, you just thought of the steps. It’s harmful, doing work without
practice gives you no good results. There is the difference between the results
of the practiced human and unpracticed human. What you learn during your
practice cannot be achieved by the internet.

How to
practice more and be successful?

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1-    Start now

Stop using ‘I’ll do it afterward’ kind of statement in your daily
routine. We learn from small things also. If you can’t do a small project right
now then how you will start your own business? We always wait for the right
moment, but there is no such thing as ‘right moment’. When you decide to do something
that is the right moment, you can create your own right moment.

2-    Practice

We bury the acquired knowledge; if we don’t apply it in practice. Knowledge
has a price only when it is used. So, guys, if you feel that you are
already mired in theory, then it’s time to say “stop” and proceed
directly to the implementation of the plan. This is the moment when it is
better to think less but to act more.

3-    Measure your results

It is an important part of your work- to keep track of your work. It shows
you how much you have learned and how much more you have to learn. For example-
in school teacher take monthly or weekly tests, to analyze the progress of the
students. Students also analyze their results and compare their marks with the
last tests. It keeps you motivated.

4-    Never afraid of making mistakes

If you are learning something then, of course, you will make mistakes. Mistakes
make you stronger, it teaches you a lesson that you don’t have to it again. Experience
comes from mistakes you made. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time.

5-     Simple steps

Don’t rush into something, take baby steps. You can’t be rich in just one
day. Start with simple things and then move towards difficult ones. But make
sure that the steps should be important and useful in your goal.