It debt is escalating. If we fail to

It is no secret that our national debt is
escalating. If we fail to act out, the nation is at a greater risk of an
economic crisis. It’s like lending a friend a dollar; you expect them to pay
you back. Why? It’s because the dollar has value. For instance, I am the
government in this situation, and my friend is society. The dollar symbolize
the balance between the two. The dollar is what keeps society running. Judith
Zaffirini, As senator of Texas, how will you help the U.S. get out of debt?

This debt has caused many complications throughout the United States. It is
taking away money from our education and future. It has created problems that
will be passed on to our children and future generations. It has affected our
generations by dealing with problems we did not create for ourselves, but we’re
given to us by our ancestors. It isn’t fair for us to fix problems without
knowing what the cause was. As a government spends, the value of the debt
increases. I understand that we need to build our economy as a whole, but why
make it to the extent where the country suffers from it?

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The debt in the United States is increasing year-by-year because there is more
money being spent than received. This will affect us all, so might as well fix
it now.

Recently, interest rates are climaxing, and it is harder to buy houses than it
was before. My parents are struggling with money, and it affects me because
they will not be able to support me. This means that they will not be able to
pay for my college. I am set on going to college ,but without my parents’
support, I will not be able to achieve my dreams. If it affects me, I am pretty
sure it affects other people too. There are more people who have less
opportunities than me and it would not be fair. I would not ask my question if
it were not a vast issue throughout the country. By minimizing the debt, it
will mean more opportunities for the less fortunate. There is probably a little
girl or boy dreaming of becoming a doctor or a firefighter, but they are not
able to due to financial problems.

Overall, the government should be wise with money and figure out how to get rid
of this debt. Let people go to college and get a good job for their life.
Figure out this issue and give the americans what they deserve.