It hard-accepting decision I have seen that Yusril

          It has been a big honor being Yusril
Nurhidayat principal since his first year in high school and this is a very
great pleasure that I write this recommendation for him to support his
application for admission into NYUAD. Yusril has a deep passion for
social-field as he loves to make a social project that can help solving the
social problem happen around him, such as his golden research on how to build a
sociopreneurship by optimizing the similarity of culture and social-daily life,
which was make him got a youth economic-projected national awards recognized by
the Indonesian ministry of economy. He also has a high interest in debating
current issues and looking for its resolutions, attending lots of national and
international youth conferences, and loves to do community involvements. Although
the biggest passion he has on social field, but he has to accepted the decision
of high school major placement, which is have to majoring in science. Through
that hard-accepting decision I have seen that Yusril is totally a hard-working,
persistent, motivated and talented students. Through all this years assisted
his educational journey in high school, I am totally can’t declined that he has
been one of the few exceptionally gifted students that I have encountered in my
career as a principal.

first three months as science student at high school was a difficult times, I
can truly feel that by seeing his average mid-semester GPA. Oftentimes I talk
with him, looking for his problem solution, and one day Yusril came up with a
really inspiring thought. I really rememeber this thought ” Mr. Syamsul did you
know that oftentimes life give us something we don’t like, an obstacle, or problems
through an expected unexceptional things, just to make us better and stronger
human being ?.  and I think that my major
placement is one of them, I just realize now that If something doesn’t work as
I want, so I am the one who have to make it work as I want. We just life once
and I don’t want to waste these three years high school for being stress,
depressed, and grumbling. You know what, I’ll work on it and make you proud sir.
Bye-bye ! ”  he ran through my office
door, leave a happiness-spirit deep inside my heart, and after that every
semester I always hear that he got the 1st rank on his graduating

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He is a
truly excellent student in my eyes, not only because what he has been done
inside the classroom, but what he did outside of it just beyond the abilities
of his age. He brought lots of medals and trophy by his participation in debate
and model UN competitions, moreover his critical mindset towards his environment
has make him selected to be a member of National Young Researcher Organization
– one of the most selective national youth organization. Yusril contibutes a
lot for our school’s reputation devlopment by all achievements he got. Nevertheless,
thing that I value more from him is his kindness to also encourage his friends
to  work harder, teach them that need to
be taught, oftentimes motivated them through all practice and sharing session
he made by himself. Of all those academic and extracurricular achievements he
reach, no wonder that he stood as the runner up of Ki Hajar Awards 2015 – the
most  prestigious national student award
by the Indonesian ministry of education and culture.

 Yusril has proves to me the ideas he has ” the
real success is if you have success to make people around you reach their own
success too”  through these three years
by watch him grown up as a future leader. His difficult childhood and some
life-challenges he faced through his 18 years old life have grown a strong
emphaty and sensitivity towards other people in itself. He has been really inspiring
for me of all the social-projects he organized in our school, he is the one who
liven up the social awarness both for the faculty and the students. I can truly
see his desire for it at the time he did success  build  his
friends social awarness to teach the kids in an isolated rural area that eventually
lead him to established a national youth organization named ” Kampung Indonesia
Cerdas “, and it’s also inspired me to created an annual school program similar
with it.

Yusril is a
charismatic individual who is respected and liked by faculty and peers.
Throughout his high school career, yusil often stopped by my room during lunch
or after school to chat about his latest devopments, events in school, or other
various topic. His maturity and charisma are qualities that are rare among high
school students. He interact well with his peers be it in the classroom or
outside where he is well known as a balanced indivdual with a warm personality
and sense of humor. He also has shown his leadership by being one of the most
favourite president of student’s government through all programs and school
events he organized and his success to be a bridge of understanding between the
faculty and student.

Overall, Yusril
is an intellegent, well-rounded, and grounded indivdual who challenges himself
and actively seeks new opportunities and experiences. He has the determination,
matrity, and intellegence to succed in any endeavor and always maintain a
positiva attitude. His academic and personal achievements show that he is
committed to his education and will work hard to achieve his goals. He exudes
confidence and has a vivid, outgoing, and friendly personality that allow him
to get along with others very well in any settings. I admire him for his
intellegence, sincerity, honesty, and integrity 
and I am impressed by his dicipline as an independent learner. He is a
highly motivated individual who dreams to change the world. I believe that Yusril
Nurhidayat is more than ready for being a superior addition to the student body
at NYU Abu Dhabi.