It went to take a nap in

It all began in a small town, a normal man by the name James.  James got an email from the CIA “Hello, James we would like to hire you as an elite hacker.  You probably have a lot of questions at this point.  All you have to do is accept this opportunity and we will meet with you.”  James accepted the job offer.  How does your average man get this kind of offer?  James isn’t that normal he use to be in the special ops force in which he was very good at hacking. The CIA needs someone like James to hack and track all the horrible people in this world, for an example people who smuggle drugs in and out of countries, people who sell illegal things on the dark web.  James also use to be the person who would do all those horrible things, so James knows and thinks like a criminal.  He uses that as his advantage to track down all the bad people.James wrote back accepting the offer, he went to take a nap in his bed.Hours went by, James is then woken up with a loud knock on his door, It’s the CIA James thinks to himself how did they find me?  He opens the door and they put a black bag over his head and throws him in a trunk of a black van.  James is worried why are they doing this is?  Is this even the CIA?  If it is why would they approach me like this?  The black van stops at that point James was so confused he was frozen like a snowman in the snow in which that snowmen doesn’t move.  The men open the trunk and grab James as if he was a ragdoll, then the men grab James and put him in a building at that point they took the bag off of James.  James asked a question why are you doing this?  One of the men said “you accepted the offer, sorry if we scared you it’s our job to do stuff like this.” James felt a little more comfortable with the men knowing it was the CIA just doing their job.  James arrived on the top floor of the building, he stepped out the elevator and arrived in a white room in which there was a mysterious man sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.James walked into the room, the man just stared down him as he was walking towards him.The man said hello James, what a pleasure to see you, come take a seat.  James took a seat in which there was another chair in the room.