Introduction out from the ride and there is


Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is a place with
attractions made up of rides, such as roller coasters and water rides. This
contains a selection of different types of rides, along with shops, restaurants
and other entertainment outlets. USS is located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. In
20 October 2009, the official plans and map for the park was release to the
public. This theme park has design into seven zones and 24 rides.

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There are a few Transportations that can go to USS:
Buses, Sentosa Express Monorail take from Vivocity Lobby L, Level 3 to Sentosa.
While taking that to Sentosa visitors can see along with the view from Monorail
to USS and Sentosa. Taxis and cars. There is a sidewalk connected from VivoCity
shopping mall to the Resorts World Sentosa that can take a leisurely walk.

Information on USS

The main attraction in USS is Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
vs. CYLON. Before getting to the ride they got the sign that this roller
coasters are a high-speed turbulent that include sudden and dramatic
acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping. Guests should be in good physical
health to experience the rides. Also, they not allowed carrying staff to the
ride. They provide free lockers during the ride. After coming out from the ride
there is a souvenir shop selling Battlestar Galactica. Each ride got their
souvenir shop when come out from the ride and there is a few photos taken while
take the ride for guest to choose which photo they like then can purchase it.

USS make tourist more convenient, it have ATM, Smoking
Area helps keep cigarette smoke and not affected to non-smoker, Membership
Lobby/Lounge, VIP Reception, First Aid, Locker Rentals, Baby Care Centre,
Drying Pod help to dry Cloth after enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval
dinosaur habitats that can be get wet and possibly soaked, Money Changer make
tourism easy to exchange more money for spend inside USS, Rental of stroller or
wheelchair and deposit of bulky items, Priority seating, Vegetarian Choice,
Hala Choice, Prayer Room for Muslim. Visitors who want to make their day more
interesting by going to Face Painting with the professional painter can
transform you to a glittery butterfly or a fierce tiger.