INTRODUCTION allow group interactions to take place which

INTRODUCTION A lot of students nowadays prefer using social media for different purposes: to communicate faster and to interact with friends and family from different location. A lot of millennial nowadays especially introverts are experiencing problems just like depression wherein they are more likely expresses their words or feelings through social media.  It can help millennial to confess their feelings to someone, and also to enhance their communication skills wherein they are being more socialized to widen one’s vocabulary and open mind to new world. A study which was conducted in South Africa revealed that students engaged in online activities for about 16 hours within a day (Walter, et. al. 2012). Oche contends that students in Nigeria sees social media to be one of the ways that allow group interactions to take place which also gives students the opportunity to freely share their views and thoughts. (Oche, 2011) The social networking sites are part of society’s everyday life. It includes application such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where people can communicate, share photos and have interaction. It allows user to share the events of their lives through status update, to monitor the lives of their friends and to communicate directly via a built-in messengers causing million of people all over the world to share all kinds of information about themselves. This study can suggest factors such as emotional stability and openness of users on their interaction and communication with other people. A recent study of Kujath (2011) noted that previous study had claimed that social networking sites were used as a substitute to face to face interaction. Extensive use of internet was with decreased communication among family member within the household and led to a reduction in the size of one’s circle and increases in depression and loneliness. The use of social networking sites is getting wider nowadays. Many people now have smart phones which allow easier access to the internet and networking sites. One of the applications that have impact on how millennial communicate with one another is messenger according Coyle their survey helped the finding of other researchers saying that the main goal of social networking to make other people strongly connected with each other. Their findings also prove that this site were good for trivial communications with different people. This topic improvises the role of social media into society. This topic also talks about how introvert people communicate to the world by means of social networking sites. There are four motivations that were discovered: social enhancement, curiosity leads readers to the real world. The early conducted researches with the topic social media focus on understanding the characteristics of the individual who use this communication medium. Four motivations were discovered:  social benefits concerned for others and self-enhancement. (Jacobsen et al. 2011) The social media is too adequate for an updated research study because it is widely used in the means of the social life and instrument on communication. The netizens, the social media users use the social applications like Facebook to be intact with their relatives and this contains an elements: sender, receiver, channel and messages that makes in a complete sense, social media. The researcher found students use the site to create affiliations with brands that define who they are and have they established a sense of self. (Hyllegard et al. 2011) Social media is one of the building blocks for a better communication, a better communication that may lead to a good relationship and a good interaction to other people. There are different social media site that can be means in interacting with other people. As of October 2011, one of the most well-known and the most used social media site is Facebook. This site have more than 350 million of users to access the sites through mobile currently boost 500 million active users. (Eldon, 2011) Social networking sites have been a big part in the communication and social life of many people. It has done a great impact as well. One of the advantages of it is that it makes people connected in it no matter how far are they to each other.  Wade and Forste noted that the current college student population has more digitally active than any previous generation, they focused their study on influence of electronic media into spheres of college life: academic and social interaction.OBJECTIVESThe goals of the study are the following: (1) to know the different ways that social media networking sites can be useful. (2) To enhance millennial’ communication skills and vocabulary development. (3) To explore the most commonly used social networking sites that are useful for developing their communication skills. (4) To determine whether social media is affecting communication skill negatively or positively.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe study deals into problems and it is concerned among the individuals that experiencing difficulty in communicating with others that may lead to misunderstanding among millennial. What are the impacts of social media on communication skills? Do students who use social media learn more vocabulary than those who do not use it? The study investigates how social media can develop the communication skills of millennial more specifically, the research questions of this study can be summarized as follows: (1) How social media enhance the communication skills of ABM students? (2) What are the commonly used social media networking sites and applications that are useful for developing our communication skills? (3) What are the pros and cons on how social media affect our communication skills?SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe study evaluates the part of social media networking sites in the lives of many and most importantly the effect that those sites can give to the users.The study will become a tool of knowledge for the results to be a basis on the impacts of how social media networking sites affect the social interaction of millennial.The users used these sites for them to be connected to their loved ones and for their knowledge and awareness to the effects of these sites. The students will benefit to this study. The study can help students on their communication skills.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONSThe study will focus on the uses of social networking sites of the students and its impact on their relationship. The research study will find factors that predict significantly the implementation of the social websites on the communication skills of students. It attempts to determine the socialization skills or on how students interact with other confidently.Due to time and financial constraints, this study recognizes many limitations not only in terms of its scope and focus but also in its statistical tools, time frame, sampling methods and others. The limiting factors would be possibly notice as the study progresses. Possible limiting factors such as time, financial constraints and the willingness of the respondents to answer are anticipated.METHODOLOGYSocial media is one of the building blocks for a better communication that may lead to a good relationship and interaction with other people. It has done a big part in one’s everyday life. The impacts of social media are two-fold. Its positive sides are: It allows users to shake the events of their lives through status updates, to monitor the happenings in the in the lives of their friends and to communicate directly via built-in messengers causing millions of people all over the world to share all kinds of information about themselves. It makes people feel loved no matter how far they are from their loved ones. All in all, social media makes one’s life easier, indeed. On the other hand, it has also it’s negative sides and these people spends more time using social media than having personal or face to face communication to others. In addition, some people use social media in a bad way. They use it for bullying purposes such as cyber bullying and other crime.Communication sites are on trend nowadays and they are becoming part of lifestyle. It makes our interaction to each other easier and faster. It gives connection to our friends and to our love ones. Furthermore, it helps us to discover new friends. Good communication to other people may lead us to successful and meaningful life. In similar to the study conducted by Hyllegard, Ogle, Yan and Reitz (2011) sought to understand student’s motivation in Facebook, and fanning or liking, particular brands on social networking sites.The social media is too adequate for an update research study, because it widely used in the means of the social life and an instrument in communication. The netizens, the social media users used the social application like Facebook to be intact to their relatives. The researchers found students use the site to create affiliation with brands that define who they are and help them establish a sense of style (Hyllegard et al. 2011)Descriptive research will be used in the study. Pure research is the method to be applied because the concerned of the researchers to the impacts of the social media networking sites.Gathering the data will be in the form of an interview where there is a schedule of every interview with their permission that they are willing to be questioned.  The gathered data will be confidential as the student’s name will be anonymous.The study will be restricted within the parameter of the University of the Assumption. A sectarian school located at the city of San Fernando. The researchers will choose 20 ABM students from the sections of St. Jerome Emiliani, St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Camillus de Lellis of grade 11 and Our Lady of Immaculate of Concepcion, Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and Our Lady of Grace of grade 12 any gender enrolled in the university who uses social media.All the interviews are to be recorded as an audio file. The conversations will be saved for further use of data.LETTER OF CONSENTWe are the Grade 11 students from St. Vincent de Paul conducting a study about the Impacts of Social Media in the Social Interaction of Senior High School students particularly in Grade 11 ABM strand.In line with this, we seek your permission to be one of our participants. There are no risks in participating in our study. In fact, all information gathered that will impart will be very vital for the success of this study.Rest assured that all information provided will be kept confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, unless we are required or authorized to do so by law or other regulation.By signing this consent form, I ____________________________________ confirm that I have read and understood the information above. I understand that my participation is voluntarily and that I am free to withdraw at my available time. I understand that I will be given a copy of this consent form. Truly Yours, Kianna C. PaloAzel G. MendozaMa. Andrea Jherlyn G. ArcegaLuisa Abigail G. MaglaquiJezekiel G. PagtalunanJian Carl J. MalonzoJhenard Daniel M. GuintoDEMOGRAPHIC PROFILEName:_______________________________________________Age: __________Gender:       Female     MaleGrade level: __________Section: ______________________________________________Social Media Networking sites that you have:Facebook   InstagramTwitter   SnapchatQUESTIONNAIREAre you a social media user? Why?How often do you use social networking sites?How many hours do you spend?What are your purposes on using these social networking sites?Do you think social networking sites have:Help you to keep in touch with your friends and families?Help you know other students better?Help you socialize with people you would have not been able to communicate?Help you improve your vocabulary?Help you in your studies?Have you ever expressed your frustrations on the social networking site after someone(Friend or classmate) offended you?Do you find social networking sites entertaining? Why?As a student, what is your general assessment to the impact of social networking sites in terms of your social life and in your education?