Introduction the product that you are selling. The


Outdoor advertising is generally called housing media, to reach consumers when they’re out of their homes. Outdoor advertising focuses on the marketing of customers in public places, travel, waiting (such as bus stops) and business locations (in retail locations).It offers messages and brands easily accessible to a wider audience, because you are targeting people on the go. This trend makes a big impact because it is usually the first advertising form of customers viewing, so you can affect your brand’s perception or feel. Outdoor advertising is eye catching and attract customers towards itself. The advertising should be descriptive enough for the people that they get to learn the benefits and usage of the product that you are selling.

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The outdoor advertising started from ancient Egypt where they created billboards using the technique Lithography. They use oil and water to make posters. From there the posters get in trend and people started using them in different locations for traffic signs and other things.

After that the main arousal of billboards trend appeared in 1889 at Paris Exposition where they displayed 24 sheet billboard. Then different industries started using them for advertising different products like shoes, clothing brands and in entertainment industry for movies, talents, circus etc.

Then the industry began to rise by 1915 when they formed The National Advertising Bureau and first outdoor advertising company was listed on New York Stock Exchange. From there the industry became more formalized. After that one of the largest media owners JCDecaux started advertising in 1962 using bus shelters.At early times in Pakistan there were different methods of outdoor advertising as it starts from wall chalking and banners. Printing press also played an important role in Pakistan outdoor media because most of the companies wanted there posters to be print and displayed on walls so it could be eye catching for consumers.  (Shirkat Press 1971)

Further in 1998 screen print road banners took place and in 2000 outdoor advertising trends changed when digital flex printing started. Since then Hoardings and pole streamers are the main medium of outdoor advertisement. (Ravi Advertising 1980)

Over time, the industry expanded to add a variety of different outdoor advertising designs. As a result, the name “outdoor advertising” is widely used, and advertising is now available in transit (eg, pipes, buses, airports) and many new outer space.

Impact of Outdoor Advertising

According to the results, billboards are the first of the main equipment, the bus stop advertising are in the second number of other ads. This is the only way that helps companies to get there products and brands promoted by getting customer attention on Brand image, logo, colors and message. New technologies helped companies to market their brands in a huge level instantly. It is easy for the advertisers to advertise their products through billboard advertisement. Through this way advertisers can also target the customers to which they really want to target because now a days people spend their mostly time outside home so things automatically getting registered in their photographic memory so they will remember it. In fact, a lot of outdoor advertising engages the consumer, providing color, humor and insight. In places where they are in front of an imprisoned audience – for example, in public transport or in waiting areas – this can be perceived as welcome.


The Fraser et al 1999 study, conducted in both the United Kingdom and Madrid, revealed:

• Young people and women looked more interested in watching outdoor advertising.

• Consumers are more likely to look at posters for products they either already consume or are interested in consuming.

• Consumer do not see advertisements for products they are not interested in.

• Proof shows that OOH advertising work.



Research Methods

Primary data was collected personally with the help of survey from respondents and secondary data was collected from internet.


Literature Review

The biggest purpose of any youth agency employee works on the streets of the country where they work. One of the most common ways to do this is to advertise outside. The mix of foreign media is the foundation because it reaches hundreds of millions of people in the foot or transit or block, usually very sharp and affected. (By Paul Sugget, July 19, 2017)

In today’s dynamic world, it is almost impossible to share information with users without any kind of companies. Of course, this is due to access to thousands of thousands of channels in this age. Billboards are a form of advertising / branding, advertising and communicating your message effectively and at low prices. (By Hussain & Nizamani, 2011)

There is a real piece of truth that has always been with me. In focus groups, people think about watching a brand new TV advertisement, although no such advertisement is on the air. It shows what people remember are billboards which they use to see every day. People do not forget the Billboard boards although there must be something wrong with them like they cannot be shiny, maybe they cannot be new, but pictures are real horses. We should not deny it. The other good thing about billboards cannot ignore you.(Nadja Lossgot, AMV BBDO)