Introduction sword, and these techniques have positive and


There have been many popular online social networking that
allows individuals and groups from everywhere throughout the world to speak
with each other, within a virtual electronic network that destroys all
distances and makes the world a small village whose inhabitants live in the
same surroundings. Technology allows users to access the written, visual and
audio communication with each other, and allows them to publish photos and
video clips or images in a few seconds for free, provided the availability of
Internet connectivity, which opens the door of cooperation between people and
Time and effort. These sites have received an unprecedented response from an
unlimited number of people around the world from different age groups. However,
this phenomenon, like all modern phenomena, is a double-edged sword, and these
techniques have positive and negative effects.

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Social networking sites directly
affect the minds and personalities of people. It is one of the most important
methods used to disseminate important ideas and issues that different
organizations seek to disseminate among people in a short time. This applies to
all fields, whether social, economic, political or cultural. Through these
sites, people can be educated, broaden their knowledge and increase their
knowledge and information based on various fields. Allows for continuous
communication, and enhances social relationships, especially in the light of
distances and widening geographical differences between people.

It is not easy to maintain privacy
in these sites, where people can learn a lot of important information about
users if they are on their contact lists. Some people are subject to blackmail,
threats, and pressure by some pirates and hackers. The primary intentions of
this procedure are to loot the proprietors of these records or subject them to
the desires of the different gatecrashers. These sites help bring people
closer, and keep people close, as virtual communication behind the scenes will
eliminate emotions and lead to misunderstandings and views. Leads to wasting
and wasting time, often at the expense of other important things in life, which
negatively affects all aspects of life for people, both professional and
academic. Some countries spy on their citizens by monitoring their personal
pages on these sites and some are exposed to many security problems with their

Cyber bullying is one of the
greatest difficulties for this age in ensuring kids,” said Peter Wanlis,
official executive of the National Council for Arts and Culture in the United
Kingdom, a major issue because of using the Internet. Various techniques,
including derisive hostile messages and altered pictures utilized for blackmail
purposes, for example, the pantomime of different characters through online
networking accounts, are conveyed to the casualty through produced personality
or scattering of bits of gossip that may influence the notoriety or picture of
the objective people. A standout amongst the most imperative factors that
spread this wonder is that the character of the harasser is obscure to this
present reality in which we live. This gives the full brave harasser behind the
console and empowers them to confer things that they can not submit outside
this virtual condition. This false bravery may even hurt the lives of many
individuals on the social media. There must be social and mental help
foundations for school understudies, particularly for kids and youngsters, in
light of the fact that at this stage teenagers frequently feel forlorn and need
to pull in consideration and impact,” says Samir Hindergu, a specialist on
cyber bullying. “The principal source they consider is To get
consideration is long range interpersonal communication destinations that give
them a large number of the friendship, followers and likes.




At the end I think people still like
the online social networks. Also with any correspondence medium, it accompanies
its high points and low points, advantages and disadvantages. By and large, I
genuinely trust it improves the world a place from various perspectives. It
likewise gave them the platforms for some less flavorful practices and
suppositions. In each period, society’s experience various changed, and as of
late our own has been more affected than whatever else by the online social
networking. Expansive media organizations are not prone to leave overnight, nor
will the need to impart by telephone or meet individuals face to face, however
the online social networking is giving yet one more methods for connecting with
individuals on this huge planet of our own, and if utilized viably will gives
every one of us more prominent decision by the way we live and what occurs in
our reality.