Introduction: meet his budget. International trade Entrepreneurs improve



The quick growth
of the marketing is always changing our lives. Therefore entrepreneurs are
played the significance role in a market as they are seen as agents of change.
This change is based on economic who affect the society culturally, socially
and politically.

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Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as
“drivers of innovation” or “agents of change.” they can change our
lives and the way we live and work. If they succeed, their innovations might
enhance the society standard of living and boost economic development as well
as creating new jobs.



The requirement for the economy is where entrepreneur
invests. That is why this investment will absolutely enhances the progress of
the economy and therefore improves people lives by providing more goods and
services for the society to be used.

Create Jobs:

One of the most
important entrepreneurs contributions to society is job creating. They start
creating job when they decide to become entrepreneurs, leaving a possible job
for another person. Entrepreneurs set up several businesses and companies to
create new jobs for the people.

Diversity in products and services

Entrepreneurs supply the market with diverse types of goods
and services, allowing the customer to compare between prices of products and
services, as well as deciding which products or services meet his budget.


International trade

Entrepreneurs improve international trade when they display
their products and services in the international markets, gaining  bigger market and making higher profits. This
will eventually benefit both entrepreneurs and economic development.

Contributes to gross national product 

The total number of products and services in a country is
what it meant by GNP, therefore it is obvious that entrepreneurs have huge
impact on the national economy, that is because they are responsible for
providing products and services to the market. In short, as the number of
products and services increase the GNP of a country increase.