Introduction device that can turn any surface into


should make our lives easier, it shouldn’t be so complicated when controlling
it. An endless maze of mobile apps, smart switches, and other interfaces create
a confusing and fragmented experience. Thinking is an important skill in daily
life. Thinking enables us to consider about the reasons, causes, consequence
and more for an incident. Critical and creative thinking is an advanced skill
or higher level for thinking skill. Mastering this skill, we able to think out
of the box or build something extraordinary.

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human beings believe there’s a better way – Knocki offers the simplest, most
natural, and accessible way to control the world around you.  You’ve never
seen anything like it! Knocki can be defined as a device that can turn any
surface into a remote control. Knocki showed a product from critical and
creative thinking. Knocki is a new modern technology with special ideas. This
product will bring benefits to human being and make human life easier or more














Knocki is a small
wireless device that instantly transform ordinary surfaces (walls, tables,
doors, furniture, countertops, and more) into powerful yet easy to access
remotes for our favourite devices and software. With Knocki attached to a
surface, the entire surface transforms into a touch interface. Knocki can sense
touch gestures anywhere on the surface attached within a range. Ohad Nezer is
the Co-founder of Knocki. He had graduated from Texas A University and
experienced entrepreneur in several industries. With his strong business
background, good experience in finance and business development enable him to
introduce a new technology – Knocki to the world.


Besides, there is another
person who also made many of commitment to Knocki. He is Jake Boshernitzan, the
Co-founder and CEO(Chief Executive Officer) at Knocki. He can be said as the
“Father of Knocki” (inventor). He is also the founder for Ridester and
Linkable. He had two profitable exits in 2015 and generated over $7 million via
his web start-ups. As H.E. Luccock said: “No one can whistle a symphony. It
takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Knocki is not exceptional, to build a
successful company, there are infinite of team members who pay off hard work in
orders to accomplish the achievement.












Knocki has a lot of
functions that brings benefits to human being. One of the functions is it can
turn any surface without considering the area of surface into a touch interface, letting you
turn on lights, adjust the temperature, control devices, or trigger alerts with
a few taps. Knocki can be used in the house or office or indoor or
outdoor or anywhere. It uses an internal battery to supply voltage or power to
function it. The battery is rechargeable which is considered as recycle able,
and no need to buy or set up a new battery if the battery level is low or used
up. Therefore, Knocki can be said as an easily maintained products.


Besides that, Knocki just
costs Rm59.90 which is reasonable price and most of the people world afford to
buy or to have it. It is in cylindrical shape which brings a well-looked shape
or easy or feel comfortable to grab it. Knocki can records any number of taps and
sets the those taps that we made, as a signal switch. For instance, in daily
life, if we want to turn on lights, we can record a tap in the Knocki and the
lights will be turned on after we make a tap on the surface where Knocki is
put. This function can be used to turn on air-con, house doors, or even switch
on the alarm clock which can be set by connecting it to any smart phone with
Bluetooth function. A movement in arc line pattern around the Knocki can also
increasing or decreasing the volume of songs that the smart phone plays when
the Bluetooth of Knocki is connected with the smart phone.


Knocki with screen can presents a contemporary new look for a
deadbolt lock: a sleek, modern disc in brushed metal with a subtle blue-text
LED display that welcomes users by name when the lock is activated. The display
also shows the lock/unlock status, and dates and times of all entries and
exits. Its elegant simplicity fits with any home décor. The available colours
of Knocki are white, silver, red, blue, black and gold which gives customers
choices on which the colour they like or wish to have.


The diameter of Knocki product is 6 cm, its height is 3 cm
and its weight is nearly 500 grams. “Where users are, Knocki is there too”. All
users can bring Knocki to anywhere along with them as Knocki is made from light
materials and it is light in weight.


From brain-controlled technology, a fascinating
look at several technologies that will change your life nowadays! Knocki
is a modern technology product with multi-functions. It is also a small wireless device that instantly transforms
ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops, & more)
into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and
software. Using Knocki is easy.  Just tap simple gestures anywhere on a
Knocki-enabled surface to automate all kinds of useful actions.  Make your
ordinary surroundings do more. Knocki can make a difference in anyone’s life.
However, it can be truly life-changing for people with mobility or vision
impairments who are unable to reach or visually locate a switch, button, or
phone. Knocki also improves accessibility for children and the elderly. It
makes human life easier by giving several benefits in daily lif