Inputs taken by the information system of Meenaclick:

taken by the information system of Meenaclick:

Input is the
information which entered into a computer. Meenaclick uses various types of information
system software to get its work done properly. Meena Click does not use any
external information system. All the processes and information systems are
developed by Meena Click. Meena Click did not take any help from any third
party to develop its information systems. Meena Click does not use any external
information systems. Meena click uses its software in asset management, human
resource management, vehicle requisition where everything is being updated automatically.
Employees database system also maintained by information system software. Meena
Click uses my skill server which is developed by it where the billing severs
run 24 hours.

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of Input by the Information System of Meena Click:

Meena Click processes its data based on the
structure. Meena Click uses multiple input methods to get its work done.

When customers use the website and order a product,
Meena Click collects the personal information from customers for their
identification. Meena Click asks for customer’s name, phone number, mailing
address, email address, debit or credit card information. As well as they
notice when the customer has visited their site, registered on the site, placed
an order, filled out a form and responded to their survey.



                                                    Figure: The Processing system of Input

In this figure it has
been shown that how the input system is processing. Firstly, customers are
placing their order. Then the orders are reaching the outlet. After that, the
products are picking and packing from the outlet to deliver. Then billing
process are being making. Then, customers are paying their bills and the
payments are coming to the outlet. My pause system is giving the journal entry
about that selling. After that, payments are sending to the bank for deposit.
Then by deposit clip number my pause is submitting the journal entry to the
system. Lastly, Meena Click ensures from bank backend that the payment has been




             Outputs that are generated by the
information systems of Meenaclick:

Output is the ultimate result after the processing
of input. According to Meenaclick, all the results are being evaluated by the
management through Management Information System. To be specific, they collect,
maintain, use and disclose information that was collected from the users which
is their privacy policy. They apply this privacy policy for the site with all
products and services offered by them.

Outputs are generated through some specific steps
and they are given below:

Ø  When
customers place an order, Meena Click at first verifies the order. After that
the customers get the notification that their order has been verified

Ø  Then,
Meena Click prints the invoice and starts the packaging of the product. At that
time customers get the notification that their order has been processing. Then
Meena Click finishes the processing and customers also get notification for

Ø  After
completing the packaging system and making the bill, Meena Click starts
shifting the product to the customer. Then customers get the notification that
their order has been shifting and they will get their desired product within 1
or 2 hours.

Ø  Finally,
after shifting the product to the customer and getting the full payment Meena
click send the message to the customer that the order has been successfully

Ø  Customers
get sms notification for every status changing and every transaction.
E-commerce manger also gets a message and an email in management system for
saving every change.