In weaker growth in services sales such as

less than ~20 words, name the top three things the company has going for
it from a financial perspective. Use bullet points.


Strong competitive advantage through horizontal
and vertical integration

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Strong R&D capabilities

Extensive distribution channels


the top three external items that are impacting the company’s stock
performance.  Again, use bullet points


North American smartphone market

Robust growth opportunities in smart wearable

Growth opportunities in Apple Pay


this stock undervalued, overvalued or priced fairly?  Explain your
reasoning in one concise paragraph. 


Apple’s stock is fairly priced. Apple
has a dominant position in the smartphone and tablet markets, which continue to
offer some growth opportunities. However, with its dominant market share,
significant revenue levels, and slowing smartphone and tablet sales overall, this
continued level of growth will be more difficult to maintain in the future. Upside
risks include stronger-than-expected smartphone sales, higher margins, and faster
product developments such as the Apple Watch or Apple Pay. Downside risks
include slower smartphone sales, market share losses in smartphones, and weaker
growth in services sales such as Apple Pay.