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In the “Blue Hotel” by Stephen Crane, Scully tries to find people to stay at his hotel. He manages to get three people to lodge there, a Swede, an Easterner, and a cowboy. Everyone is getting adjusted but the Swede seems uncomfortable.To describe the events and the Swede’s character: His behavior is completely abnormal to me and the narrator describes him as a “shaky and quick eyed Swede, with a great shining cheap valise.” Johnnie, Scully’s son who is an expert at playing the game, High Five, decided to play a game with the farmer while the men were watching in the silence. Swede was quite and but he laughed and asks how many people were killed in this room. Johnnie is confused about his strangeness. Crane reveals that the Swede is scared and uncomfortable in the beginning but turns into a boisterous and controlling person at the end. I think the Swede is feeling very lonely but wants attention as well. He causes a scene for everybody to notice even though he was very quiet at the beginning. Swede wanted to leave because he seems to be fearful and scared for his life. Maybe that is why the narrator describes him as  “shaky” in the beginning. The description of the Swede lets the reader understand that he is different from the other men he described as “on was a tall was a silent man..” They were “normal” and it this description helps set up the further development the Swede’s character in my opinion. Also, Swede keeps repeating himself throughout the story and I wonder if he is mentally ill.There is a shift in his character. Crane explains his Swede’s emotions, like “he was scared, and now he’s too fresh.” Another example to reveal his shift in personality is when he was willing to fight Johnnie because he claims he cheated during a game of High Five. He strongly says “Yes fight!… he was like a demoniac. Yes, Fight! I’ll show you…You cheated…” This is ironic to me because he was timid, quiet, and fearful at first but now he is willing to be brave, and fight a person. After he wins against Johnnie in the brutal fight he goes to a bar and brags about his victory. The gentlemen don’t pay attention to him and he tries to force them to drink with constantly. He demands that “I’m a gentleman, I want people to drink with me .. me understand?” He is very controlling here. When they refuse, Swede takes it to the next level and decides to hold the gambler by the neck, which results in him stabbing and killing the Swede. After the Swede is killed, his body is described as having “its eyes fixed upon a dreadful legend that dwelt atop of the cash-machine: ‘This registers the amount of your purchase'”. I think this means that the Swede has bought in his own death. He was scared of the Western violence he spoke about before but ended up dying by it even though he wanted to avoid it. The Easterner says that everyone is to be blamed for his death because of the fight. Crane is trying to convey that our destiny is already decided and there nothing we change or avoid it. The Swede was fearful and uncomfortable with everything around him initially but at the same time, he wanted to overcome his fears by fighting and controlling people.