In To summarize my argument social Media’s apps

In last few years social
media has a very importance is our life. Social media apps made our life much easier
with the help of social medias apps you will get more information with seconds.
The technology are serval’s advantage and disadvantage but it mainly depend on
people how they used them. Social media apps includes Facebook, what’s app,
twitter and many other apps. Social media apps gives serval advantage and
disadvantage that incudes promotion of brands, freedom and blackmailing.

Talking about advantage
of social Medias apps. The first advantages of social media is that the people
of business used social media as there promoter. They promote there items
through social media apps like giving discount and giving offer to people that
will benefits there business.

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The second point what I
think is very interesting. Social media apps give people a freedom to express their
opinion. Like we can take the example of many celebrities that they will announced
many shocking news of them by posting on social media apps. It also gave you
current affairs news because of people doing debate on them.

As I mention above there
is always the negative impact of technology but it mainly depends on you. Where
social media apps gives us many advantage. There are few disadvantage of social
media is also. In last few years social Medias app have been used negatively
for bad things like blackmailing, crime and bullying. Apart from these things
some people are addict to social media apps and then they are not properly concentrate
on their study and many other things. This things will get them in trouble in
many times

To summarize my argument
social Media’s apps are the part of our life and they have influence our life
very much. To get the information of anything or current affairs you will get
in within seconds. But keep sure that you will not misused these apps
negatively. The used of any negative things will always get you in trouble.