In sectional jealousy started to build up

In the speech put forth by John H. Reagan he believes that “the real cause of the war was sectional jealousy, the greed of gain, and the lust of political power by the Eastern States” (Why the south seceded, 2). According to John H. Reagan the sectional jealousy started to build up when the louisiana territory was purchased in 1803. The people of New England did not like the purchase because they thought that it gave more power to the agricultural states and it opposed interests for manufacturing states. The Eastern states wanted to control the policy of the federal government to promote individual and sectional interests “in their opposition to this measure they threatened to secede from the Union” (why the south seceded, 2). The reasons to why Georgia should join the sessionist cause in the speech by Mississippi delegate were that “to consider the presenting threatening relations of the Northern and Southern sections of the confederacy aggravated by the recent election of a president” (secession speech, 84). Another reason why Georgia should join the secessionist cause was to take “efficient measures for their common defense and safety” (secession speech, 84).  Another important reason was the “violation of our constitutional rights, which has caused a dissatisfaction in the south” (secession speech, 84). Some of  the reason are listed above to why Georgia should join the secessionist cause. The Mississippi speech contradicts John Reagan’s argument because John Reagan said that “it has been to large extent assumed that negro slavery was the cause of the war. This is not strictly true” (why the south seceded, 2). In the Mississippi speech it says the real reason to why the war started in the first place it was not greed it was that “they have demanded and now demand, equality between the white and negro races” (secession speech, 85). The reason why its contradicting is because according to John Reagan it’s more about greed and jealousy and in the Mississippi speech it is more about finally African Americans getting equality. There was definitely some change in the justification of the civil war between 1860 and 1903 because until 1865, south was heavily in favor of slavery because it profited them a lot  from all the plantations which was run by slave labor. When the idea of equality came in the picture it aggravated the south to a huge extent because they wanted to keep slavery, but due to the civil war the idea of slavery was slowly diminishing, Union troops were taking over the war and finally in 1865 Union troops declared that the war was over and all the slaves that were enslaved in the south were free.