In the discussion of sexual matters is a


                              In today’s world teen
pregnancy has become one of the major social issues. Teenager dreams about a
prince and ends up getting married to a much older man, while finally dies in
giving birth to a kid when she is only 15-year old – an episode
entirely contrary to a Cinderella story and surrounds a global epidemic called
teenage pregnancy.   In India there has been a constant increase in
the pregnancies of the teenage group people. This can also be understood in a
way that there are lots of unlawful things happening in the society. These unlawful
things are in the way of child marriage, rapes, molestations etc.  There are also people who voluntarily get
pregnant in their teenage because of many of social is found
from the statistics that that for every 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19, there were
76 adolescent births in India. The country can considerably
reduce these kinds of happenings in the society by making new strict laws for
the wrongdoers. But we know that making new laws is not a one-day task. It is
not only the responsibility of the government to take measures to reduce teen
pregnancy it can also be done you, me or anyone. One step forward is enough for
a great success. So how we as a general public start preventing teen
pregnancies?  The major deficiency lies
in Indian society where the discussion of sexual matters is a taboo. But it is
actually not. You as a general public can start a campaign and help both
teenage boys and girls to learn sex education. It can be prevented by explaining
them the effects of early pregnancy. Even village adults should be educated
about the effects of child marriage. Child marriage was a cultural acceptance
long back and we should understand that we are living in the 21th century where
lots of things have changed. And if the that cultural practice which we have
been practicing from long back is against the current society it should be
given up.
Teenage mothers have increased risk of pregnancy complications that can cause
health issues for both mother and the child. And this in another angle gives
a great danger to the society by the way of increase in the population.
Currently India is taking few steps to reduce teen pregnancies they are through mass awareness and
legislation, it also tries to mitigate the burden of early marriage. In
addition, adolescent girls are being introduced to basic knowledge of menstrual
health as a sincere effort to come out of social taboos. Even then, their
families are not in favour of practicing what the girls were taught, suggesting
that mere training/ knowledge cannot bring about changes in social perception in
the country. With the introduction of peer educators, India is expecting to
bridge this gap and addressing a sensitive social and medical issue like
teenage pregnancy.