In Chapter 6 there is a section called

In Chapter 6 there is a section called
Russian Initialism. This section talks about the Anti-Western movements and how
it was having an impact on Russia. The section starts off with the anticapitalistic
and antibourgeois being the first symptoms of an even larger anti-Western discourse
movement in fact it got to the point where the Ministry of Education in Russia
order all the teachers to teach the students the development of the mother-land
and to leave out any kind of mentions of western states. The states that” in Russian Orthodoxy
the Slavophile discovered communalist principles that separated the organic Russian
civilization from the individualism and class hostilities characteristic of
West European civilization.”  

In the closing,
Chapter Wayne Dowler states that “despite
important advances in the historiography over the past 20 years,” the history of Russia between the time of the revolution of 1905 and
the first world war the great diversity among the presents because they come from
different regions so therefor they would have very different experiences from
the other peasants. Wayne Dowler closes his book with stating that if this book
draw the attention to the complexity and reduce the framework in which to
examine it, it will have more than fulfilled its purpose.  I

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