In modern technology in the cellars, creates the

In 1742, Rémy
Martin, a young winegrower in Cognac, begins selling cognac under his own name.

In 1738, King
Louis XV (Picture 1) of France grants Rémy Martin the rare right to plant new
vines in recognition of the excellence of his cognacs.

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In 1830, The
first Rémy Martin Grande Champagne cognac is created. Paul-Emile Rémy Martin (picture
2) took the house and its cognacs beyond Europe into the United States, Asia,
and the Pacific.

In 1870, To
accompany the house’s development abroad, he chooses the Centaur(Picture 6) as
the emblem of the house, creating a logo for the first time. An avid
astronomer, it was also his star sign, Sagittarius.

In 1910, Goes
into partnership with Paul-Émile Rémy Martin II and starts to develop the
house’s full potential.

In 1924,
André Renaud(picture 3) becomes the first Cellar Master of the house, and later
its chairman.

In 1927,
Launches Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) by
blending Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne crus. It’s an immediate success
based on its differentiating point: superior quality.

In 1938, Fine
Champagne cognac is legally recognized for its superior quality.

In 1947,
André Renaud decides the house will exclusively produce cognac made from Petite
Champagne and Grande Champagne crus. Trained by André
Renaud himself, André Giraud accelerates the use of modern technology in
the cellars, creates the development center and the first cooperage at Merpins
– all three very much at the heart of Rémy Martin today.

In 1965, As
son-in-law to André Renaud, André Hériard Dubreuil takes the reins as president
and launches a visionary partnership with winegrowers, today known as the
Alliance Fine Champagne, to guarantee the highest quality.

In 1972, The
now iconic black frosted VSOP(Very superior old pale) bottle is devised.

In 1981, Due
to unprecedented demand, Rémy Martin XO, the epitome of opulence and
sophistication, is created. Georges Clot introduces modern digital techniques
for managing the cellar stocks.

In 1997, 1738
Accord Royal is created, in tribute to the royal privilege once bestowed upon
Rémy Martin by Louis XV of France.

The first woman to be appointed Cellar Master to a major cognac house. She
creates Centaure and Centaure de Diamant, and imparts the secrets of the Rémy
Martin legacy on Baptiste Loiseau, just as Georges Clot has passed them on to

2014-Today, Born and bred in Cognac and a lover of the terroir but also of
travelling to new lands, Baptiste Loiseau (picture 5) is the cellar master for
the next generation, ready to take Rémy Martin into a bright future.