In research that was conducted in Australia having

In our modern times today,
computer games continuously influence younger generation specifically kids.
Back then children used to play outdoors and board games but as we can see
today, they are getting more and more addicted to online games. The research
have shown that the children who are playing online games continue to be
younger and younger, so that the internet is more popular and become widespread
in the world. Because even the younger know how to use the computer or how to
play the computer games which give a huge impact to the people’s working, it is
easy for them to socialize and also in their behaviors (Dindar & Akbulut, 2014). It is uncommon for today’s generation that
instead of playing traditional games, many of the students are playing with
their mobile phones or computer because for them it is easy to play and for
them not to feel tired. Online Games is a type of game where in two or more
players in different location can play through using the internet. Stated by Hassan (2011), there is good and bad impact that you can get while
playing online games. Good for those who know on how to limit their time in
playing games and know how to manage their time. Bad for those students who
are attached themselves seating for a long time playing online games. We
all know nowadays students spend their vacant time in playing Online games
instead of advancing their studies that will affect their study habits.

           The Study habits is the way or the
style of the students which they want to study become easy like reading, note
taking and writing, today online games give a negative effects of that as well
as the positive. The research that was
conducted in Australia having the 12,000 students have shown that when it tells
about the internet, they found out that the students who always play online
games got higher grades in all subject (Dockrill, P 2016). According to Alberto
Posso when you play online games you’re like solving the numbers in math,
solving the puzzles because you’re using your mind to think and you’re using
your general skills. It tells that when you play online games every day it
helps to improved your academic performance. It also helps the mind of the kids
to explore new things.

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            Students who are playing online
games said that these games are just for fun or to entertain themselves, and
not to go outside because it’s warm, without knowing that there are many
effects they might get while playing these online games (Robinson, A 2016), so
that the
overall objective of this research is to identify what will be the effects of
playing online games on the study habits of the selected individuals. It is
also helped the parents or the community aims to know the impact of the online
games for them to be guide.  

           The  researcher conducted this research to
determine whether playing online games can help or distract the study habits of
the selected individuals, hence, a set of rules regarding online games can be
introduced if proven helpful or distracting. It may be beneficial to the following individuals: To the students,
using this study it will help the students to inform about the online games if
there’s a negative or positive effects and for them to know on how to avoid the
said effects. To the parents, using this study it will help the parents to know
the effects that their children might get. This study will be one of the guides
of the parents for their children. To the community, using this study they will
be inform about the effects of playing online games to the students, so that
they can also give help and guide the students who always play online games.

         This study aims to know the possible effects
of online games on the study habits of the selected student in taguig during
Academic Year 2017-2018. The study aims to answer the following questions: Why
are students addicted in playing Online Games? However, what are the negative
and positive effects of Online Games on the study habits of students?

The study will only focus on selected Grade 11 students in Taguig City
having the criteria of students who lived in North Signal Taguig City, having
the age of 16-18 years old and it is limited on 10 selected Grade 11 students.
In line with this, only who those who are playing MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer
Online Role-Playing Games) will be subjected to this research not the students
who are not playing MMORPG. The
study will gather information through interviews and survey.