In application is to be in a

In the Strategy Plane, my outmost intention of my
application was to accomplish what the User wants to see in the application;
meaning making the application more eye-catching when the user opens the
application and secondly what the business sees after the application is done.
The goal for this application is to attract Maltese people and most especially
foreign people to understand the culture and traditions of Valletta. How the
traditions and events have changed over the years. The users going on the
application their first intension is that to enquire information about Valletta
and to get knowledge as much as possible how Valletta has developed from the
past years to now. In my opinion the users going in the application would like
to see not just text and pictures but an animated welcome page, giving them a
good and entertaining welcome to the application and adding a video and a
gallery viewing multiple images of Valletta because not only text provides a
good beneficial information need but galleries and videos do help a lot. As for
the business needs, the main goal of the application is to be in a good state,
the developer must feel that he/she done a good amount of work on the
application after it is done. An obvious need for every application is that the
developer wants to attract people viewing his/her application to all users and
to provide the user’s beneficial needs of the information.


In the Scope plane, the application will be built by having
a navigation menu, which will navigate you through various webpages, each
containing different source of information about Valletta. In the Welcome page
when it is loaded, an animated logo of the company will be previewed and
beneath the animated logo will be brief information about Valletta (example:
events being held, music and theatre, history of Valletta). In one of the
webpages it will have a image about Valletta which has a scroll effect to make
the application much more interesting when viewed by the user. Inside the application
there will be a video about the history of Valletta, giving a good explanation
of the years have been evolved and also adding a map of all the important
places, churches and monuments inside Valletta are located.

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In the Structure plane, the application’s goal is to be as
user-friendly as possible. Meaning that, the submenu and navigation bar will
easily take the user to that corresponding webpage for the user to access that
desired information about Valletta. The main goal is to make the navigation as
simple as possible since the user’s intention is to get as much knowledge about
Valletta and so enjoying viewing the application at the same time. In the
application consists of Interaction Design and Information Architecture. As for
Interaction Design, the application makes the user choose which webpage to access
first. It is up to the user’s choice to which to navigate and can be easily navigated
from one webpage to the next at any point of time. As for the Information Architecture,
the application is organised properly so that the user would have no hard time navigate
and understand certain context inside the application itself, and it still would
be easy to understand even for those type of users which do not have a good knowledge
in computing.