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In this part it is fatefully to uncover the theoretical part of the internet transaction.  E-Commerce is technically a digital transaction, between business and a particular consumer that consists of buying, selling, flow of a certain information and finally transfer of a particular amount of money to one or another member in this partnership. The entire world infinitely innovating thanks to Information and Communication technology (ICT), which, according to definition, is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning.  The objective part of e-commerce is obviously to reduce cost and labor. It was discovered to fix a profit-generated activities which proves that this kind of business gets around much more cheaper and is easier authorize than a brick and mortar store. It grants a process which works on several actions: firstly it is definable to reach the product, get the product in hands, unpack, indicate it and then provide the mark-up and sell oneself as soon as possible. Every single expense component depends on product price wirelessly bought by every user. 

The amount of money received from a certain user gives a huge opportunity to pay for everything –  salary, credit card fees, lease of storefront, electricity, telephone, heating or cooling, taxes, displays, repairs and maintenance to the building. The prosecution between consumer and business pays off the web hosting, shopping cart software, distribution and more. You can easily facilitate everything – starting from purchasing in bulk, ending with the rent of warehouses, because the general idea is that you, by opt usually pay less for every single item bought, but an objective is you are not paying for any inventory.

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Next thing is lower product cycle time. People of modern times would not want to waste their time on looking and choosing the right product they want to posses. Now it is done through the Internet – you choose the one that fits you, you already know characteristic you have been looking for and you acquire it. With this in mind, e-commerce also have a swift response to the customer and last but not least or the most acceptable – all the time improving quality of service. Electronic business is also currently modernizing customer service, by processing the need of organization merchant and consumer needs to cut the costs of a company. Thats why it completely frees up electronic entities employers and also closes up mechanical blank spaces errors to be connected with the clients processors at ease. As a result, this deftness diminishes the time value of spent resources on invoice problems. Although inaccuracy in legal proceeding will not cause any penalties – it is always essential to generate your constant income properly.

According to the notes published by Karishma Sirohi on January 31, 2016 on, : «E-commerce is a rising notion of something unique, concept that creates a kind of exchange between two core partners or services information and services via computer network. It can also intermediate the digital information among different establishments to carry inter organizational information to exchange their technological practices over network channels. And if we take into account technology noticeable ascertaining that is parted to a couple of dissimilar brunches:  Electronic document interchange, Electronic Data Interchange; Electronic Transfer; information sharing, corporate digital library, collaborative work; Marketing, Advertising electric publishing  Sales, Customer support; Electronic mail, electronic FAX, Electronic Messaging».