In is called design thinking, Verizon has teamed

In terms of Corporate social responsibility Verizon is very
active. And they are trying to be more interactive and give back to the
community. Verizon initiated four main projects to achieve their corporate
social responsibilities goals in giving back to the community. first project is
called Innovative Learning. It consists of four sub projects, first project is
Tech immersion, through this project Verizon has committed 160$ Million to free
access to tech in STEM subjects for students who need it. Verizon is digitizing
schools and they have partnership with Digital promise therefore equipping
every student and teacher in selected schools with a tablet and a two-year data
plan. And according to their site sixth graders have made some improvement in math
proficiency compared to their peers who did not take part. The third project is called
design thinking, Verizon has teamed up with Arizona state university to give
more underserved students to help them with coding and app development skills
and teach them about entrepreneurship. And connect them with teachers
specializing in design thinking and STEM skills. students are sent to pair with
local businesses to help them build innovative business solutions and apps that
help the business attract customers. students created 268 apps and business
plans. Up to 94% of students have increased their interest in STEM subjects.
85% of the students have reported that they have improved in STEM
subjects. The fourth and last project is Innovative Learning Labs, Verizon
teamed up with “Project Lead The Way” to create an experience for the kids from
the age eight to ten in their local stores. The labs are free and will get the
kids to interact with new skills such as 3D printing, coding, virtual reality,
and robotics. Each lab session will last approximately 50 minutes and can fit
up to eight students. One of Verizon’s Main projects is Domestic Violence
Prevention there is two sub projects Get Involved and Grants and Partnerships.  Get Involved program is basically collecting
old and no longer used phones and accessories in any condition and from any
service provider to help the victims who survived Domestic violence.
Collected phones and accessories are turned into resources to nonprofit
organizations. Grant and Partnerships is helping children who witnessed
domestic violence by dedicating their resources to help their cause. Verizon is
collaborated with the alliance for HOPE international to support the camp hope