In of how our business operates. When hiring

In the spirit of continually improving and helping one
another I would like to make a proposal. In Exchange for full educational
reimbursement for my MBA, valued at $30,000, I would commit to 6 years of
service to the company. I will honor the current tuition assistance criteria
including all contingencies.


            There are
countless benefits to the company, during the near term I will provide the
following. While attending school I will still be working full time allowing me
to bring up to date business school information directly back to the company.
Thus allowing for personal growth, company growth, and to have a greater
ability to motivate, lead, and manage my staff. The knowledge and skills I
acquire from the faculty and other business practitioners can inspire
innovation, change, and be passed on to my fellow colleagues, allowing everyone
to reap the benefits from this investment. Not only will I learn strategic
thinking skills and critical analysis but also gain a more holistic view and
understanding of our business. I will be well prepared to handle new situations
as they arise. As the sous chef I see the big picture when it comes to managing
a cruise, having this education will allow me to achieve a clearer view from
the director’s perspective of managing a business. The next 2 years will be my
learning phase. During this time I will be learning the ins and outs of how a
business operates from the core to the outer shell. These are just some of the
short term benefits.

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            The long
term benefits would come to play at the corporate level. From a financial
standpoint, think of the long term cost savings. You won’t have to waste
valuable time, money, and resources training someone from the ground up. You will
have someone that already has the knowledge and understanding of how our business
operates. When hiring for a corporate position, the benefit will be that you
will already have someone that’s not only trained but also shares the same views
and values of the company. I believe my knowledge will become invaluable, I will
have the ability to see issues from a variety of key angles. While attending
school I will be able to build a strong network of business professionals, all
while building valuable relationships with a wide range of business experts.
The company may find these contacts of use in the near future. This is a unique
opportunity for you to train and groom a prospective future company leader. Invest
in tomorrow’s leaders today.