In for using or purchasing a particular product;

In modern times, fragrances are
categorized into certain broad categories for the sake of an organized pattern
of study and analysis. These categories primarily include: perfumes, personal
care products and wellness products. Perfumes include the fragrance blends used
in fine fragrances, mists, colognes, splashes etc. Personal care products
include perfumed cosmetic and toiletry products like those for hand-care,
skin-care, hair-care etc. They may also imply environmental fragrances like
pot-pourri, car freshners and room fresheners. Wellness products loosely refer
to the essential oils used in aromatherapy. Essential oils are particularly
emphasized in this because of the surge in inclination towards aromatherapy in
recent times.

Fragrance has a remarkable impact on
the psychology of humans11.
It affects the behavior as well as the process of decision making. Hence, it is
one of the most important if not the key factor in the marketing aspect of
various products. A simple example could be the fact that while both scented
and unscented soaps satisfy their role of cleansing, the obvious choice for any
consumer is still the soap bar that is infused with a fragrance. It also has a
marked effect on one’s perception of self and views and perceptions with
respect to others. Perception of self may include an individual’s image of
themselves, mood, self-confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand,
perception with respect to others include their personality traits, appearance,
impression and projected image. Fragrances are also decisive as far as
attraction and liking is concerned. Pheromones play an important part in nature
during the mating season. Also, the fact that advent of specific masculine and
feminine fragrances in practically all products in the personal care market is
a standing testimony to this. This field also encompasses motivations and
reasons for using or purchasing a particular product; it even attempts to
connect fragrances to different situations, occasions and lifestyles like a
light fruity, floral fragrance to showcase a new-age young woman and to relate
fragrances with particular dimensions of personality as in the case of a woody,
musky note to depict a suave man; and finally it assesses therapeutic effects
relating to mental, emotional, physical and social aspects which are
particularly relevant in aromatherapy and to aromatherapy products.

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