In not socially normal. We see this

In ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, by Tennessee Williams, Williams
explores many important themes and social issues in the book that are relevant
in the real world. The most popular themes Williams investigates and explores
to the audience in the book is illusion and fantasy. Each character in the book
creates their own fantasies and illusions but at the same time has those
fantasy and illusions destroyed by other characters cruelty. In A Streetcar
Named Desire, Williams shows the harsh reality of people’s lives and the innate
cruelness that people are born with. He also shows how they use that cruelty
against people who are different than themselves. Williams effectively uses
dramatic devices and social issues to enrich the story and focus on the
meanness of the characters. In the book Williams shows that people who have a
nuclear family, also considered socially normal, are naturally cruel to people
who are not socially normal. We see this when Stanley buys tickets for Blanche
to a city she is no longer allowed to go to; when Blanche guilt’s Allen into
killing himself at the dinner party; and finally, when Stella sends Blanche to
an asylum after not believing that Stanley raped her.

Stella with the help of her husband Stanley, is innately
cruel to Blanche when she decides to send Blanche away to a mental asylum.
Stella is innately cruel because of the claim that Stella’s sister Blanche made,
saying that Stanley raped her in which she does not believe. While fantasy and illusions
begin with Blanche, they do not end with her withdrawal in the play. As Blanche
leaves with the doctor, Stella is still living in denial of Blanches claim “I
couldn’t believe her story” she tells Eunice beforehand. The only way Stella
could live with herself and still have Stanley was by telling herself a much
greater lie one much greater than anything fashioned by her sister. Stella
wants to be with Stanley because she in fear of becoming socially unnormal. The
necessity of wanting to be with Stanley leads to the making of herself believing
a fantasy that is not true but that is justified by Eunice who assures Stella,
“Don’t you ever believe it. You’ve got to keep on going’, honey. No matter what
happens, you got to keep on going.”. This shows us that consciously Stella did
not want to send her sister away but the cruel innate unconsciousness of her saw
that Blanche’s claim could destroy her relationship with her husband if it turned
out that the claim was true. The innate cruelness inside of her is what made
her send Blanche away.

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In conclusion, In A Streetcar Named ‘Desire’, people are naturally
cruel to people who are different from them and that they are also cruel to
people that threaten their own social normalness. This similarly shows that
people will do the necessary to achieve social normalness even if it means abandoning
your sister to a mental asylum and staying with the person who raped your
sister. Correspondingly Williams symbolism has been knowingly used to show
the roles of men and women in society and how they each expect the other
to be treated. It has disguised many possible real-life scenes that occurred
during that time period; consequently, Williams has succeeded in transmitting
some of his themes or ideas. Some of these are illusion, jealousy, fantasy,
cruelty, loyalty, gender relationships and conflict. Lastly, Williams effectively
uses dramatic devices and social issues to enrich the story and focus on the
meanness of the characters he does this by making Allen gay and making Stanley
an abusive husband.