In new england economy was comprised of new

       In United
States History  Industrialization had
always been a major impact. After the war of 1812 American nationalism increased
contributing to this industrialization of the country. Textile Mills and other
factories started to tell more causing people to have more employment rates.
Technological advances increased. From 1850-1860 represented a major shift
agorism industrialization. The economy from the Northeast and Southeast regions
constructed the difference.

      The northeast
had always been the industrial and urban center even before the market
revolution happened. The bad effect of urbanization were not really felt i the
pre civil war era. During the market revolution the economy of the northwest
exploded and became very important i the world. Factories opened in New
England. The lowest system was instituted at text mills. Women were sent sleep
in dormitories. Factories were an important part of the Northern East and
accounted for the the profit it gave. Life under the factory was hard and the
aspects were part of a market revolution. Youth had to work 12hr a day and
lived in horrible condition. Spinning the wheel and working risky jobs, workers
lost limbs. Their the new england economy was comprised of new factory workers.
The factory life affected the life politically, which became part of the
presidential life. The north preferred high tariff to protect manufacturing goods.
This was one aspect the northern and south over eventually leading to the
nullification crisis of 1832.

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    The northern
economy struggled. Through new technological advances. Various machine pets
such as the spinning wheel the waving machine, and contributed to the economy
the grow in the northwest. The north was helped through transportation
advances. Robert fulton invented the steamboat in 1810 and helped communication
along the way. Canals were built for steamboats that transported to industrial centers.
The canal liked midwest and south factories. Contraction project increased in
railroads for transportation. Revolutionized the economy. The transportation in
cheap freight rates for northeastern economy. The market economy increased for
they demanded for technology to expand the movement of the country and expand
the country. Inventions and businesses increased Banks became common in the
northeast so the banking business was a mainstay. People took loans and credit
and invested in promoting the stock market. This advance helped to modernize
the north’s economy.

     The northeast
was becoming industrialized, the southern economy stayed. However, it wasn’t as
powerful as stereotype suggest. The south became wealthy to as the status quo
as quickly.  As the north was global the
south kept it local. The south was partially populated as the north was
crowded. Cotton was big in the south. Coton was rohitable and was transported
around the globe. The large planaton increased demand for slave labor and slavery
was big. The market economy shaped the cash crop before tobacco exploded, but
cotton became the real deal. The cotton was planted at every economic level.
Southerners helped for slaves and worked alongside. Plantation expected more
cotton leading to large profits while others stay poor or relief of other
substantial farming. Technology the southern had factories that were paralel in
advances to the northern once, such as trade or factories in Richmond, VA,
unfortunately their factories remained huge in numbers and were mainly opened
for south in interest not to produce profit. Railways were the same to the
existing to the exiting relation to the south and shopped cotton. However, the
south had two large parts such as the ceiling. The north and south used ports
as well as the mississippi river.

     The market
economy had a huge impact in american society. The entire country changed
overnight in the North and South but both became rich in the world they had
rich technology farms and factories.