In interest with great profundity. I sought

In my country, Bangladesh, there is
a stereotypical conception that if a student doesn’t accomplish his
undergraduate degree from a renowned government institution, he is regarded incompetent.
But I always begged to differ and rather believed that if a person is genuinely
meritorious and diligent, he will flourish in every aspect of life and this
perception is what transmuted my life. I have completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy
(Honors) from one of the best private universities of Bangladesh, “University
of Asia Pacific” with the highest CGPA (3.99 out of 4.00). I have not only
completed my Bachelor’s degree with full tuition waiver but have also been
honored with several awards for my tremendous academic performance.

I yearn to build up my career as a Pharmacologist and pursuing a Ph.D. degree
will be the staircase to my dream. My aspiration of becoming a Pharmacologist
inflamed when I have chosen Pharmaceutical Sciences as my course of study. Back
then I used to believe that Paracetamol is just a medicine that alleviates
fever but never thought it through that it takes a Pharmacologist so much more to
discover and design a single medicine. Although I scrutinized all the generalized
and existing knowledge on the wide array of pharmaceutical disciplines during
my undergraduate study, it was not sufficient to learn a specific subject of my
interest with great profundity.  I sought
to study further to gain comprehensible insight into Pharmacology. Admission
into the Ph.D. degree will be not only my approach to be trained in high-end
research skills regarding Quantitative and In-vivo Pharmacology and more but
also prepare me to conquer difficult tasks that will come across my research
career. In addition, contribution to an original research is the greatest
aspect of the Ph.D. program to make a difference and all these grounds make graduate studies vary expansively from
undergraduate curriculum. 

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Recognition of potential drug targets
and novel treatments for diseases that still lack effectual treatments will be
my objective as a Pharmacologist and pursue a Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology is
the ideal manner to integrate Science and Medicine and applying that knowledge
to solve real-world problems. In my opinion, Pharmacology is an exciting and
innovating discipline that will give me a firm grounding in multiple specialties
like Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Pathophysiology. To uncover
new knowledge in drug discovery and development, I must achieve a depth
perceptive of how drugs utilize various cellular mechanisms by targeting
receptors. The human genome and its ramifications are providing much new
possibility about disease mechanisms and possibly new therapeutic approaches,
providing the basis for new drug discovery projects. My passion for learning
more pushed me toward buying an extraordinary book named “Principles of
Genetics” by D. Peter Snustad and Michael J. Simmons. After reading the book,
‘Genome derived target identification’ contributions in reference to the long
lists of genetical diseases and their treatments are what fascinated me the
most. Besides, studying Pharmacology opens many doors offering future career
pathways in academia, pharmaceutical industries, government agencies and
clinical research and practice. After completing my Ph.D. degree, I will step
forward and create a research team where the students and the trainees will
work together and aid in superior healthcare of my country. But if I ever get
chance in someplace else as well, I would willingly take the opening to make a
difference in whichever way I can. But for that to happen, all I need to be a
worthy academician thus needs to become an expert at the principles and
theories of Pharmacology.

To gather advanced understandings in
my preferred research area, I enrolled in the Master of Science in
Pharmaceutical Technology and have successfully completed my post-graduation
from University of Asia Pacific with CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00. For my graduate
thesis work, I investigated the role of SMAD1 polymorphisms as a genetic
modifier of risk for individuals with Colorectal Cancer as susceptible
genotypes in the Bangladeshi population. Now, I am writing my manuscript for
publication in a journal about a high impact factor like “Tumor Biology”.

Ph.D. Program in Pharmaceutical
Sciences at Mercer University will be my doorway to grant my future plans a
unique value since it will offer me the vivacious academic environment and rich
facilities for an extensive variety of research approaches. I am confident that
Mercer University will guide me towards my vision and mission in the way it
leads their 76,000 former students to accomplish their dreams. Association with
17 regional and national pharmacy organizations and four different research
centers in College of Pharmacy will give me the prospect to grow more as a
Pharmaceutical Scientist. My highest priority to select Mercer University’s
College of Pharmacy as my graduate school because it provides highly published
and cited faculty who conduct world-class research projects. After going
through the faculty directory and their research interests, I discovered that
my research interests completely matches with Dr. Nader H. Moniri, Associate
Dean for Research and Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical
Sciences. After thorough observations of his research works and papers, I think
that each research project is propitious whether it is on characterization of
the role of the ?2-AR/ROS linkage in asthma or on study of the role of FFA4 in
the Parkinson’s disease, therefore I am confident to both render and learn a
lot from them. Dr. Moniri and I had a conversation via web conference where we
shared our thoughts, ideas, and inquiries regarding our research interests and
future works. The finest fact is that in Dr. Moniri’s lab, graduate students
will be involved in more than one research projects which are a million dollar
chance for the students who desire to shape them as a flourishing molecular
pharmacologist in near future. Dr. Moniri’s lab has every facility to execute
any kind of pharmacological techniques-from immunoblotting to the whole cell phosphorylation
assays. Dr. Moniri’s students are contributing as authors on high-impact;
peer-reviewed publications and I am just as longing to be like them. I would be
extremely privileged if I get a chance to work in Dr. Moniri’s lab since his outstanding
experience and supervision will facilitate me achieve my goals.

The overall goal of receiving a Ph.D.
degree would excessively aid me in my proficiency, thoughts and innovative
ideas as a Pharmacologist both in the field of academy and industry. I have the
greatest passion for learning and I can prove to be one of the bests if I am
given an opportunity to demonstrate my potential.