In severely malnourished and emaciated.” A great deal

            In the article “Police:
Malnourished, injured baby was kept in storage bin” states that the “baby was
injured when she was accidentally dropped down the stairs” Also it stated that
the child “had been kept in a urine-soaked storage container. She had no
clothes and wasn’t given a name.” Child neglect occurs when someone does not
provide the necessities of life to a child, either intentionally or with
reckless disregard for the child’s well-being. This can include physical
neglect, such as withholding food, clothing, shelter, or other necessities.
Emotional neglect includes withholding love or comfort or affection

            In the article, “Couple accused of
starving, biting their children” states that the couple “took turns repeatedly
beating the children with an extension cord and bit them so hard that it caused
permanent bite marks on many parts of their bodies”. The article also stated
that “the two children, ages 4 and 6, were severely malnourished and emaciated.”
A great deal of research in recent years has examined child and adolescent
brain development. We now know that the way the brain develops can change when
a child has experienced stress from severe or ongoing abuse or neglect.
Maltreatment can delay or affect the ways a child is able to control his or her
emotions, see right from wrong, identify consequences of actions, and       learn from mistakes.  

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            In the article “Parents Force Teen
to Live in the Woods For Eating Pop-Tart” the author states “not allowing their
14-year-old to enter their home for at least two days because she ate a
Pop-Tart without permission”.  This child
in this case experimented child neglect, failure of the parent or caregiver to
provide for the child’s basic needs such as food, shelter, supervision, medical
care, and emotional nurturing. Children
who experience neglect are at greater risk of being arrested as juveniles,
being a teen parent, and less likely to graduate high school. Neglect can also have
a negative effect on the ability of both men and women to establish and
maintain healthy intimate relationships in adulthood.

            In the article “4-Year-Old Girl
Found Beaten and Bruised Thought Her Name was ‘Idiot'” the author speaks about
how the child “A 4-year-old girl in Hot Springs, Arkansas found with covered in
bruises and scars thought her name was “Idiot”. The article also states that
the mother’s boyfriend “did hit the child, but with a wooden paddle, and he
zip-tied her as a punishment”. As a social worker it is very important to understand
the harm and trauma that can occur to a child, one who has been physically and
emotionally abuse, like in this article. Abuse and neglect can affect a child’s
ability to learn, form relationships, and problem solve, and children who have
experienced maltreatment are at risk for many illnesses and poor health later
in life. The child is to be taken out of that household for her safety and
well-being immediately.

the article “Woman Suspected of Abusing Children at Kindergarten Is Detained”
the author speaks about how teachers of the school were caught on camera and
showed “teachers slapping a crying girl, pushing a toddler to the ground and
force-feeding students a substance later confirmed to be wasabi.” As the social
work, I would immediately look for counseling resources in the community for
the client. Although the healing process is different for everyone; therapy, counseling,
and       support groups are very
important they can provide children and caregivers with the skills necessary to
build healthy relationships, overcome past trauma, and prevent reoccurring or
future trauma.