In a shot of Obama and Hillary Clinton.A

every four years, citizens of United States of America choose their president
by presidential election.Each party selects one candidate to become the
president.This is a ten-month-long process in which the candidates create their
own campaign.In 2016, Donald Trump ran for president as a Republican candidate
and Hillary Clinton ran for president as Democrat candidate.They both started
an election campaign in order to gain votes from all around of United States.In
order to do so, they both followed similar propagandas such as videos,twitter,
and website.Even though both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton followed similar
propaganda sources, their use of media and the messages they delivered were
different; Donald Trump focuses on fears by blaming specific ethnic groups,
Hillary focuses on reliance and safety.


Videos can highly impact its viewers.They
appeal to emotions and make viewers think.So, in order to gain attention and
supporters both party’s candidates created video ads for their campaign.They
both put the ideas they believed in their videos and send messages to its
viewers.Trough his campaign, Donald Trump was mostly focused on immigrants and
minorities of America.Trump and his followers believe that immigrants use
resources and damage the economy while bringing crime and violence (Balie).The
immigrants can be from any ethnic but he specifically targeted Mexicans and
Muslims.In his campaign, Donald Trump shared a tv ad which directly focuses on
Muslims in America.In the ad, the first scene is a shot of Obama and Hillary
Clinton.A battleship launches a cruise missile strike which goes to the border
of USA and Mexico.In the border, there are terrorist attacks. A narrator starts
to talk in the background who mentions that Trump will shut down of Muslims entering
the United States.The narrator continues to speak by saying Trump will cut off
the head ISIS and stop illegal immigration by building a wall.(Rucker) Firstly,
this ad blames Muslims for all of the terror attacks which is one of the main
and the biggest concerns of Americans.By showing the border of Mexico and
America, not only he blames Muslims but also he blames Mexicans too.As a
solution to the terrorism, the video offers to deport all of them.Even though
it’s the immigrants who got blamed mainly by Donald Trump, the video also
targets his opponent Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama.The
video gives a message that they are aware of the terror attacks but they have
done nothing and plan on doing nothing to stop terrorism.In this ad, it can be
clearly seen that Donald Trump uses a propaganda in which he offers an
explaining to the problems that worries and concerns  American citizens by mentioning that these
problems have simpler solutions.The solution lays on the other groups which he
believes are malevolent towards America and its citizens.He suggests the
solution for these kinds of problems is to choose him for president.He
guarantees to find the solution for the problem by eliminating the
groups.Conversely, Hillary Clinton focused on human rights of all American
citizens regardless of their ethnicity.Hillary has used Humayun Jhan who is an
American soldier that was Muslim.Humayun Jhan died in Iraq while protecting the
United States of America.In one of her video ads.Khizr Khan, Humayun’s father,
talks about his son’s story and the sacrifices he has made for the country.In
the ad, Khan walks around his house and look at his son’s photos and medals.In
the end, Khan asks trump if Humayun was alive, would he have a place in Trump’s
America.(Cillizza)The ad specifically reminds us that real people would be
affected by Trump’s plans for the country.It gives the idea to that the result
of the election is important to people. It connects Trump’s thoughts and
comments towards Muslims with the real pain suffered by Muslims. Hillary
Clinton released another ad which is focused on girls.The ad contains a diverse
group of girls.In the ad, girls are staring at the mirror and evaluating
themselves while trump’s voice appears in the background.The ad wants to remind
viewers that Trump has commented ugly things towards women over the years and
has no respect towards women and he has made comments which can highly affect
the younger generation of girls.He has called women ”pigs, dogs and disgusting
animals” for instance.The ad shows how Trump can affect the girls in the
society leading them to feel bad about themselves.The ad wants to ask the
question ”is Donald Trump the president we want for our
daughters?”(Merica).The video shows not only women but especially girls will
be badly affected by Trump’s presidency.The message it gives to its viewers can
be clearly seen: the president of America should encourage and cherish young
girls, not insult them and damage their self-esteem.Especially for young girls
who actually need support from their elders, The video questions Donald Trump’s
language and respect towards women.If their president makes them feel like they
are not enough, there is a low chance for these girls to believe in
theirselves.No parent would want someone to insult their daughter, so why they
are letting someone who insults their daughter to be their president?

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Social media is a crucial way to
communicate in the 21st century.Most of teens and adults only use social media
in order to gain and give information. Politicians are also using social media
in order to gain attention and votes.Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had
exponential growth in their followers in their social media accounts during
their election propaganda.The opponents both used Twitter and Facebook
actively.Firstly, to start with Twitter,since his tweets have been retweeted a
total of 12 million times – twice as many as Clinton’s, Donald Trump seems to
outperform Hillary Clinton on Twitter.(Matthias) Donald Trump is an active
Twitter user. He dragged a lot of media and attention by his tweets.Not just
American citizens but also everyone around the world follows Donald Trump on
Twitter.Trough his campaign he used Twitter for call fake news and have  feuds.One of Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is
to call fake news.He has tweeted to inform his followers that News outlets such
as CNN, New York Times and Washington Post published fake news about him.The
fake news topic includes Russia investigation, nuclear weapons, and conversations
with world leaders.The purpose of the fake news related tweets was to deny the
news which can affect Trump’s campaign negatively.However, Trump’s tweets were
mostly childish and entertaining rather than political.He continuously insulted
and attacked a big list of people on twitter.This list includes politicians,
celebrities, and other citizens.He specifically attacked Hillary Clinton in
election time. For example, he has tweeted ”Obama just endorsed Crooked
Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!”(Trump) which
directly insults former President Obama and his opponent Hillary Clinton.Donald
Trump’s another tweet was on Hillary Clinton’s email controversy and Melania
Trump’s speech which gained a lot of attention from media ”The media is
spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI
spent on Hillary’s emails.”(Trump). The Melania Trump’s speech received
negative comments and criticism which affected Donald Trump’s campaign. In this
tweet, Trump tries to shift the focus from his wife Melania Trump’s speech to
Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. From these tweets, it can be easily seen
that the main purpose of Donald Trump is to draw negative comments towards
Hillary Clinton in order to make her look bad.While his tweets didn’t directly
send a message, the attention he gained from them shows that Twitter has a huge
impact on Donald Trump’s propaganda.On the contrary, Hillary Clinton used
Twitter for more political reasons. Clinton’s posts are mainly about her
campaign and are usually created by her social media team.Hillary Clinton’s
tweets have a less personal touch than Trump’s.The tweets are more focused on
the aim and show eager for the campaign.She has a social media team of 100
people.The social media tweets from the voice of Hillary.The tweets are direct
and straightforward.However, there has been a few times Hillary and her team
responded to Donald Trump.Hillary responded the tweet about Obama and Clinton
mentioned above by tweeting ”Delete your Account”. The media team mentioned
that they wanted to make it very clear that Hillary is very proud of Obama’s
record and of his support and is eager to continue and develop on the progress
that he has made when they responded the Trump’s tweet.(Khan) Similarly, on
Facebook, their use of the platform didn’t change.On Facebook, Donald Trump was
more visual than he was on Twitter.He used graphics which supports his
opinions, short videos where he talks about his views, texts of press releases
and photos from rallies. His team spent a big percentage of their budget to
find new ways of using the digital tools and platforms on Facebook.Trump and
his team created ads on Facebook.These ads were focused on concerns of
people.They tried to find specific problems which people cared about.Their aim
was to make people watch the ads who normally wouldn’t watch and believe tv
commercials.Thanks to Facebook, a lot of people did actually watch the videos
that actually covered their concerns.Trump’s Facebook page sent a message to
its followers that the subjects they worry about will be fixed by Donald
Trump.Similarly, Hillary Clinton and her media team also invested a big part of
their budget to facebook ads which helped her followers to find out information
just with one click.She shared her movements through her campaign and kept her
feed updated so that her followers can see the campaign.



Overall, The political propaganda played
a huge role in the election campaign.For this reason, both Donald Trump and
Hillary Clinton invested in their media and ads.They both focused on tv ads and
social media.Even though they used similar sources, their style and the message
they delivered were different.While Donald Trump’s propagandas focused on
citizen’s fears and sent a message that Trump will make ‘America great again’
by basically eliminating the factors for fear, Hillary Clinton focused more on
equality and human rights.Her propaganda sent a message that she will be a
president and do her best for not only her supporters but for everyone in the
United States of America.While Hillary Clinton’s propaganda was more logical,
Donald Trump’s propaganda gained more attention and said what citizens of
America wanted to hear.