Immigration her paycheck to the state and federal

Immigration is an ongoing controversy in the United States today. Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence: “He has endeavored to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands” (120). Jefferson is talking about how the King of Britain was against immigration. Jefferson implies that the United States is a free nation that welcomes all races, ethnicities, and religions. Immigrants come to America everyday in search of economic opportunities. These newcomers are not only taking American jobs, but some are not paying taxes. Along with not paying taxes some immigrants are not getting paid the wages that they were promised. People of the United States should be blaming the employers for the lack of taxes being paid. Business owners often hire immigrants in hope to save money by paying these migrant workers “under-the-table.” One characteristic that helps immigrants get hired, is being bilingual. Most migrant workers are hired by companies that employ laborers for construction work, cleaning, farming, and factory work. How does this save them money? By not paying taxes, the business owner is not giving money to the government, and being dishonest while filing taxes. Everyone is obligated to pay a certain percentage of his or her paycheck to the state and federal governments. People can either have this money taken out of their paycheck or they have to pay it when tax time comes. Paying employees “under-the-table” more than likely means that the employer is not paying workers compensation insurance as well as federal and state taxes and could be paying the employee less money than he or she should be making. In the long run, this affects our state, federal, and local governments as well as the citizens of the United States. When people do not pay taxes like they should be, taxes get raised. Oftentimes, these immigrants do not realize that they are not paying taxes and that they are not making the wages in which they were promised. Business owners often take advantage of illegal immigrants. How so? If an illegal immigrant has a problem with how much he is making or the hours that he is working, he cannot go to the labor board to discuss the issue, due to the fact that he is an illegal immigrant. Business owners often think that they can get away with dishonest actions like this by threatening the immigrant that they will be deported.  Through much debate, the issue on immigration still stands as a controversial topic in the United States. These immigrants are not only taking American jobs, but some are not paying taxes. Along with not paying taxes, some immigrants are not getting paid the wages that they are promised. Citizens of America have every right to be angry that taxes are not always paid by business owners who have illegal immigrants as employees. Citizens should be blaming the deceitful employers who take advantage of these immigrants in hopes to save money. Work Cited:Jefferson, Thomas, and Lee A Jacobus. “The Declaration of Independence.” A World of Ideas, 10th ed., Bedford/St. Martins, 2006, pp. 118–121.