Immigration their way. U.S. residents are allowed

Immigration has been a major problem for
countless years that seems to never seize. Illegal immigrants do not hold the
rights that U.S. residents possess and manage to live a hard life because of
the mere opportunities that come their way. U.S. residents are allowed to
vacate and visit the places immigrants come from, yet they have to risk their
lives in hopes of a better life. Where is the equality? The unfair treatment
arises from them simply being illegal, however everyone deserves equality
regardless of their background and origin. The deep stigma and outlook on
immigrants in today’s society can be quite controversial. The government should
indeed allow immigrants to find a place to call home without the use of strict
immigration bills, laws, and detention centers. Why condemn individuals who
provide contributions and influences to a country that is a melting pot full of
immigrants? Illegal immigration is an operation of a growing and developing
world that contributes to the movement and advancement of goods and services,
people, and expertise nationally, and thus must be encouraged, not criticized.

crazy to even think a land of the free founded on the basis of immigrants would
create immigration detention centers, holding thousands of immigrants upon the
suspicion of visa violations, unauthorized arrival, or illegal entry under
harsh and inhumane conditions of confinement. According to the Center for
American Progress, increasing detention and deportation rates will not only
cost taxpayers billions but will also tear families apart and position
vulnerable individuals- including survivors of domestic violence and sexual
assault, as well as women and children fleeing from violence in their
homelands- in notable danger. This land was built by immigrants and in 1860, about
13% of the population was foreign-born. The numbers have since then increased..
so why should a green card holder be deported or even incarcerated with people
who are convicted of much worse for failure to notify immigration authorities
within 10 days of an address change? It’s a concept of basic human rights, all
people are supposedly protected under the Constitution in accordance with the
14th amendment.

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conditions within the immigrant detention facilities are absolutely horrendous.
According to, as of 2016, nine of the 10 largest detention
centers in the country are run by private prison companies. In the T. Don Hutto
Residential Center, a detention facility that was once a medium security prison
was sued by American Civil Liberties Union for the “prison-like” conditions
they put children and families in. “Children were required to wear prison
jumpsuits, held in small cells, and limited to an hour of outdoor playtime per
day.” 29 year old, Zelaya was forced to manage her sickle cell anemia without
treatment, developed serious stomach problems, and fell into a deep depression
while at this detention center. This is only one story amongst several others
across the U.S.

be frank, families and children are getting ripped apart because of the
deportation law stated in the New York Times that “part of the government’s
efforts to meet an annual quota of about 400,000 deportations, has had
devastating results” The harsh new economic reality that these children now
have to fend for themselves creates not only an economic divide but a psychic
divide that pushes these immigrants into areas that they can afford and are
associated with crime. The parents of these children came to this country for
the American Dream but Americans are not allowing that to happen. They are
taking away families/parents and expecting children to grow up to be successful
individuals in a world that is unknown to them. While these individuals are not
committing major crimes, the mandatory detention of noncitizens convicted of a
wide range of offenses that the government looks for.  This leads these
children of immigrants to fall into the trap of detention facilities for life.
About 75 percent of adolescents who have spent time in juvenile detention
centers are incarcerated later in life.

In a story covered by The Guardian, an
immigrant named Bernice and her daughter were taken and put into the Dilley
Detention Center in South Texas by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
After being held for so long and not being able to pay the bond put on her, her
hopes for providing a better life for herself and her daughter, turned into
hopelessness and a suicide attempt. Lives are being broken—leaving a long-lasting
mental and physical impact on both adults and children, which is why the
government should rid of detention centers and harsh deportation laws.

the article, “Immigration in the United States”, it reaches back into the
beginning of America through its different periods of mass immigration. In the
opening of the article, there was originally no definitive structure that
restricted the number of immigrants that could enter the country or
restrictions from leaving upon being granted citizenship. As time progresses in
the Post 1965 Era, problems began to arise in terms of controlling immigration.
Systems that were put in place to control the flow of immigrants entering the
states had very little impact on restricting country access to illegal
immigrants. Historical events like 9/11 contributed heavily to the narrative of
immigrant’s terrorist threat to America. 9/11 also caused a 24% decline in a
number of visas distributed between the years of 2001 and 2002 resulting in a
decade of reconstruction.

article, “Impossible Subjects” allows individuals to see different scenarios of
mandatory immigrant deportation as another example in the United States that
highlights its ability to only relate threat towards specific groups of people.
Contrary to what we may be conditioned to believe every day, race has still
been a factor that has long defined American society and still does through
immigration policy. This emphasis on racial difference has opened through
recently developed classification. The relation of Mexican and Asian immigrants
as aliens as individuals excluded from immigration or foreigners to native soil
is quite ironic to the comparison of immigrants from European descent that
could be considered white, which gives them a distinction separating their
status as immigrants in America. Since the beginning of American history,
marginalized groups are turned into social outcasts receiving no credit for
their contribution to modern American society. Immigrants along with men and
women with distinct social identities have long suffered the burden of being
considered inadequate in a nation considered to be well-known for its
incorporation of all races.

may argue that undocumented immigrants commit crimes more than Americans do. The
truth about undocumented immigrants committing crimes more than Americans is
that according to Politifact, “that there’s no national database of crimes
committed by undocumented immigrants or study that tracked the crimes they have
committed.”  In addition, crime rates and
levels of immigration are not correlated. “Violent crime is not a deleterious
consequence of increased immigration.”

the issue of job security of Americans being upset that undocumented immigrants
are taking jobs and wages that they could be taking, immigrants are actually
taking the back-breaking jobs that native-born workers are not willing to do.
About three percent of white and black workers earned the federal minimum wage
or less. That means that 97% of white and black workers in America are making
more than the minimum wage. They work unfavorable hours just to acquire enough
currency to get by. If these immigrant workers were to leave the country, who
would commit to these hard and awful environments to work in?

idea of illegal immigrants all pose negative facts but what happens when legal
immigrants get tossed on the same boat? Many stress that immigrants should seek
the legal way but yet, they are still being incarcerated when they come to
America legally.  According to The Los
Angeles Times, “The Obama administration has deported more than 2.5 million
“illegal” or “undocumented” immigrants. Contrary to popular belief, this is
false because false because “those statistics include legal residents and
people with valid visas — not just immigrants who crossed the border without
permission” (LA Times, 2016). But realistically, an influx of immigrants can
cause environmental concerns, depletion of resources, and economic degradation.
Mexicans account for half of all unauthorized immigrants in the US, but the
unauthorized Mexican population is declining.

and foreign-born populations as a whole pose no threat to society, in fact,
benefit many industries and have stabilized the foundations of various sectors
in America. Imprisoning hundreds of thousands of immigrants is not justifiable
to any extent and violates basic human rights of those in search of a better
life. According to American Progress, “Compared with all Americans, U.S.- born
children of immigrants are more likely to go to college, less likely to live in
poverty, and equally likely to be homeowners” (American Progress, 2017) The
working- class households of immigrants that earn an income less than 200% of
the federal poverty line, in fact, rely less on welfare and public benefits
than compared to U.S- born households.