Imagine of us really do keep that in

Imagine lying on a bed in a
hospital. Lying down and have no will to even walk; and that’s when a spark of
thoughts came to your head on how you have spent your life. You start to regret
on all your unhealthy wrong doings, all your laziness in improving life but it
is already too late.

Our life basically is a
collective activity of everything we do, which circles around every action and
every decision we make. However, we would always see that some people will have
a different outcome of their life even when everybody have the same 24 hours.
Smart people would always prioritize health before anything. That’s because
health is one of the best blessing given to us by God. It’s a trust to always
take care of it.

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However, knowing that; how
many of us really do keep that in mind and control ourselves in food selection,
exercising and even daily habits? This is essays will cover on where we are in
achieving better health, applying it into life and changing your future.

A better health not only
revolves around the stereotypical sports and fitness, but it will also
circulate about our way of doing things in life, our food consumption and even
how we think. Knowing that, how do we know we are in the terms of ‘Better
Health’? It is fairly simple because, the word better is to show the
implication of going to improve and working towards betterment. All you have to
do is to always open your heart and mind for improvements. You may start from
totally zero person and work step by step going up. Start by making 3 laps of
running twice a week and work from there. While, those who are already on a
sporty path, should not just stick on a static regime but to make the next
action better than those before. You may hate eating vegetables and love junk
food. Decreasing your consumption of that would already be considered better
health. Just always try to not fall back, and stand strong on move in step by
step. This is why a famous quote saying ‘Make today better than yesterday and
tomorrow better than today’ can be something every individual should uphold
especially in trying to attain the lines of being in better health. All of this
as long as you stick on towards the improvement policy of becoming better.

Now, that we know what is
takes to gain better health, we would need to move on to the second part. This
is to know how to apply it into our life. No one knows an individual better
than the individual themselves. In order to make ourselves better, we need to
know who we are. Always keep in mind, one of the best advice to have ever been
given out is to always be honest to yourself. The first part may give a light
on what better health is but if you keep lying to yourself and put yourself in
denial; you will end up nowhere. You will end up not doing anything. Be honest,
and stay true. Doing this you will need to have a fresh check on your current
health conditions, any bad habits. Bryant McGill once said, ‘Real
transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward — get real
with yourself’. Then from what you get and the results of your self-analysis,
get real and start doing. Plant a deep seed in your mind, body and heart to
always want to change for the better. Believe it, and put on faith. Only then
your gears will start moving and achieve your goal.

Know what is better health,
done. Knowing yourself, done. Now the best part, which is the future. No one
will ever know what’s there to come in life. Certainties are only what is now
and what is over. Now having the word ‘Brighter Future’ means that the result
of the two parts that is said before will bring in a positive impact. Yes, we
do not know what is there to come, but we can always keep it to the positive
side. If you are ever given an option of choosing a positive future of a
negative one, which will you take? Of course, a rational decision is to always
get a positive one regardless how big or small. Now the deal is here to give in
what you have a set your tracks towards a good and positive future. Doesn’t it
sound nice? It’s a wonderful deal, being said at it. If you cannot predict
what’s to come, make it less risky. It is a proven fact that living a in better
health, a better lifestyle will bring in a positive impact in the foreseeable
future. Simply said it as, if you live your life not caring about health, and
just living fun, you are putting your health in danger. The danger is that, you
will fall sick and another danger is that you will suffer a more likely
negative future. Putting this in simple words, be healthy and you can make your
future brighter.

To close this up, I want to
highlight the theme made, the four words of “Better Health, Brighter Future”
brings in deep meaning. Better health which moves alongside with putting in
improvement, knowing yourself to get you started and making what you do to
impact your life.  And now that everyone
knows the three parts of my understanding of the theme, it is crucial to take
action. The way to get things started is to stop talking and start doing. It is
time to step up forward and make a change. I hope that everyone will benefit in
from this write and inspire and help them being better. Now that you have
applied and do it, you may never have to come to imagining yourself lying in a
bed at the hospital, having no will to do anything. Before it is too late, make
a difference. Remember, that our health is a trust and a blessing from God.
That is how you will create, ‘Better Health, Brighter Future’.

Better health and brighter future it’s about time,

Make things better, your life and mine,

Be amazing don’t stick to just fine,

Start doing now and quit the whine.