Imagine can one hour of screen time do

Imagine your at the gym.When your done, your muscles start to get sore.That’s what happens to your eyes, when you look at a screen too long. When you look at a screen too long it can give you eye pain, blood clots, and nausea.Warning SCREENS ARE DANGEROUS! For starters, screens can affect your eyes in many ways.What can one hour of screen time do to your eyes?One hour of screen time can give you blurred vision, fatigue, and irritation of your eye.According to Andrew Weil, a scientist,”limit or eliminate late night computer and television viewing.A computer or TV screen may seem much dimmer than a light bulb, but these screens often fill your field of vision, mimicking the effects of a room filled with light.”This explains how different a screen is to a light. Screens can affect your eye muscles.Your eye muscles get sore when you look at a screen too long.Screens can give you eye pain.Screens can affect around, in, and behind your eyes. In addition, let me tell you about blood clots.Blood clots can give you heart attacks.To explain, a blood clots can stop blood from getting to the heart muscle.This let’s the heart muscle die.That causes the heart attack.Blood clots can cause strokes.From the damage done to the heart a stroke can come after the heart attack.If a blood clot is in your leg it can cause red swelling and extreme pain.If a blood clot is in your leg it will aim for your thrombosis. Lastly, screens can give you nausea.Stomach aches can be bad.If you have diarrhea and nausea you could have muscle pain with a stomach ache.Having nausea can give you food poisoning.Food poisoning may give you diarrhea or you may vomit(puke).Nausea can give you motion sickness.Some side effects of motion sickness are uneasiness, dizziness, and vomiting(puke). Screen supporters may say it keeps you occupied.Screens can mess with your sleep.It is known for lack of sleep can cause symptoms that are caused when a person is drunk.It can give you a seizure.If you see flickering lights or fast movements it can trigger a seizure.It can pull your creativity down.Being bored actually makes you more creative. To conclude, as you can see screens can be scary.They can give you blood clots, nausea, and can mess with your eyes.So next time your on a screen think about the risk your taking.Hopefully you agree screens are bad, if you don’t, you have your opinion and I have mine.