Imagine a very high efficiency. Many buildings surround

Imagine if you could drop 8,000 mi from New York to San Francisco with just one little canal. The Panama Canal is a lock type canal located in Panama (Panama Canal). This 33 meter wide canal help ships move from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans. Overseen and funded by US president, Theodore Roosevelt and the US government one of the most amazing architectural structures made in history was a ten year project ending in 1914 (Lively).  This amazing structure has been necessary for modern travel around the world. One part that stands out with the Panama Canal is its size. Boats the size of Glen Rock travel throughout this monstrous canal everyday shiping anything from books to cars. The three part canal has monmouth gates between each section. Even with the traffic of all of the ships hoping to shorten their long trip, the canal still functions and a very high efficiency. Many buildings surround the canal creating workspaces for the many people of Panama hoping to make an income. Emerging from the sides are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This marvelous canal is improved by its large gates. These gates lift and drop ships from the Pacific Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean. These three gate open and close whenever a boat comes or goes.  The gates help cars, trucks and people cross the canal while still helping ships get through and across the earth faster. Workers are constantly working to improve the gates and make them become more effective and efficient to help the boats. On top of the gates are the walkways for workers to travel to different parts of the canal. Also, next to the gate is a building that practically runs the show. And the gates are also surrounded by an immense amount of water. This is one of the most important architectural creations of all time. It has made tons of  people’s lives much easier and faster.  The site in Panama was chosen after the US searched for the nearest and easiest place to build the canal. At first, the canal was attempted to be built in Nicaragua, but was eventually changed because Panama is much smaller (Gordon). Theodore Roosevelt and the US became interested in building the canal after obtaining Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. They tried to buy from Venezuela, who owned Panama, but they declined. In 1903, when Panama gained independence, they offered again and they were accepted for $10,000,000 dollars (Lively).  This canal is now being renovated and expanded by Pamax. This is to lower traffic james and allow bigger and more ships. This expansion was completed in June 2016, costing more than $5,000,000,000 (Gordon). David duBose Gaillard worked as the supervisor of this project until his death in 1913.  His death was from a brain tumor thought to be from overworking. He was best known for this project (Panama Canal).  At first, the French began the construction, but eventually sold it to the US because disease killed many workers. The US suffered from much less disease than the French because of better sanitation and an attempt to lower the spread of mosquitoes (Gordon).  This canal was mainly built using dynamites, steam shovels and rock drills. At the end 73,000,000 cubic meters of earth was removed. Continuous maintenance is needed because of the climate (Panama Canal).         This project has recently been expanded to fit more and bigger ships. Roberto Roy, president of the canal’s board of directors stated, “We can have a difference of opinion over one point or another. The one thing over which we cannot disagree is that the canal is a project that will bring an enormous amount of benefits to the public” (Méndez, Williams, Bogdanich).  Roy knows all about this project and is hoping that it will benefit the world. He knows that this expansion will make the world of travel much easier. Mr. Quijano, the son of canal’s administrator, also stated that workers were “performing the lockages with a high grade of precision and have maintained the highest standards of safety”(Méndez, Williams, Bogdanich). This is a positive toward this canal and could show that this already phenomenal canal can make travel even easier. This expansion to the canal will soon lead to bigger and better things.This canal is one of the most important and well built structures of all time. Without this online shipping companies may not be as advanced as they are now. Companies that require parts from other countries may have never became part of our everyday life. This structure is important to me and other people because our lives could be completely different without the canal. Our earth could not be as advanced without the Panama Canal. The canal has had no negatives and all positives in its history. This canal has been an amazing addition to our earth.Finally, the Panama Canal is one of the most well constructed structures in history. It has changed so much in history, made our world work better and faster, and it has made such an impact on the economy and future canals.