If human nature for man to repeat his

If given a second chance, it is human nature for man to repeat his life mistakes. This idea is highlighted in American gothic writer, dark romantic, and short story writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. The short story “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is an allegorical story which includes characters such as Dr. Heidegger, and Mr. Melbourne, Colonel Killigrew, Mr. Gascoigne. The story “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” is about an old man who invites four of his old friends to his chamber; The guests were all past lovers who fought in their past lives. Dr. Heidegger attempts to influence his friends to partake in his mysterious experiments. Dr. Heidegger uses the rose to make the guests believe that the water will actually bring them back to their youth. Nathaniel Hawthorne utilizes the characters in his short story indicate that even if given second chance humans will still repeat their past sins. During the short story’s exposition, Dr.Heidegger shows to his old friends, or those who he conducts his experiments on, that a rose can come back to life with the magic potion that will restore one back to his or her youth known as the Fountain of Youth. The rose symbolizes life and guilt; but Dr. Heidegger uses it to prove to the test subjects that it is possible to relive their past lives. Dr.Heidegger implies that the test subjects would believe anything they see, which is the rose, which he says “this same withered and crumbling flower, blossomed five and fifty years ago. It was given me by Sylvia Ward, whose portrait hangs yonder, and I meant to wear it in my bosom at our wedding. Five and fifty years it has been treasured between the leaves of this old volume. Nathaniel Hawthorne says how the water can restore life “Now, would you deem it possible that this rose of half a century could ever bloom again?” Nathaniel Hawthorne (2). This quote acknowledges how the water from the Fountain of Youth can restore withered items take take people back to their youth. Widow Wycherly is thinking of drinking the water to take her back to her youth “You might as well ask whether an old woman’s wrinkled face could ever bloom again” Widow Wycherly (2). This quote shows that Widow Wycherly is thinking of drinking the water to become young again and look pretty as she was in the past. This shows that some test subjects believed that the potion that Dr. Heidegger offers can make them young again, which shows that the test subjects are gullible. That means that the test subjects are willing to drink the fountain of youth water to go to their past life and to try to fix their mistakes; instead, they experienced the same mistakes as they did in the past.On the other hand, the test subjects are willing to take the risk to drink the Fountain of Youth’s water and get back to their prior lives. “Before you drink, my respectable old friends,” said Dr. Heidegger, he continued with, “It would be well that, with the experience of a lifetime to direct you, you should draw up a few general rules for your guidance, in passing a second time through the perils of youth. Think what a sin and shame it would be if, with your peculiar advantages, you should not become patterns of virtue and wisdom to all the young people of the age!” (3). This quote ties to the test subjects before drinking the water, The text points that the test subjects are going to drink the water to go back to being young again. This proves that people are consumed by greed. Equally important, Humans will tend to attempt to fix their past lives even if it is impossible to fix them, so they should live their life to its fullest. “they were young: they’re burning passions proved them so. Inflamed to madness by the coquetry of the girl-widow, who neither granted nor quite withheld her favors, the three rivals began to interchange threatening glances. Still keeping hold of the fair prize, they grappled fiercely at one another’s throats. As they struggled to and fro, the table was overturned, and the vase dashed into a thousand fragments. The precious Water of Youth flowed in a bright stream across the floor, moistening the wings of a butterfly, which, grown old in the decline of summer, had alighted there to die. The insect fluttered lightly through the chamber, and settled on the snowy head of Doctor Heidegger.” Hawthorne (5). This quote provides evidence to prove that the test subject is willing to strive to fix their pasts. They were fighting like in their prior lives which caused one of the test subjects to break the vase with the Fountain of Youth water and cause everyone to panic. This shows that the test subjects didn’t try to fix the past and it was the same as it was a long time ago. This is basically what they weren’t supposed to do but it happened because humans tend to repeat the same mistakes. Dr. Heidegger starts to speak about how they have repeated the same mistake and didn’t learn anything in the experiment, which he wanted to see how the test subjects would react to the Fountain of Youth. “Yes, friends, ye are old again,” said Doctor Heidegger; “and lo! the Water of Youth is all lavished on the ground. Well, I bemoan it not; for if the fountain gushed at my doorstep, I would not stoop to bathe my lips in it–no, though its delirium was for years instead of moments. Such is the lesson ye have taught me!”(6), He uses this quote to back up his information about the test subjects which they are greedy and selfish.In conclusion, this proves that if a human is given a second chance in life to fix his/her past sins, they tend to repeat their sin as they have in the past because that’s what God wants to happen and people should not try to fix their past and to only think about their future. This experiment displays for the reader the reader that if a human is given another chance you should take advantage of it and appreciate that they have a second chance which is a really rare thing to get. The text shows the evidence to prove that the argument is correct and will not change how humans are in life even if given a second chance. Live your life to its fullest and don’t attempt to fix your past life because it will always stay the same.