Idisa rebellion began at the Stono River around

Idisa SaliajMr. PoindexterAAH117 December 2017The Stono Rebellion The Stono Rebellion has been marked as the largest slave uprising of its time. Even though there is only one report of this, there is still a lot to talk about. On September 9, 1739 in South Carolina, happened the Stono Rebellion. It was one of the most significant and violent slave uprisings in colonial America. The rebellion began at the Stono River around Charleston, South Carolina. The slaves met there in secret. There were around twenty people and after they met, they attacked a store, and killed two store owners and took all sorts of guns and ammunition. The group of slaves then marched south in the direction of Spanish Florida, where they believed they would be set free, leaving behind the heads of the shopkeepers at the steps of the store. Although they started as twenty slaves, the number got bigger and bigger along the way. They burned and attacked plantations, they killed about twenty white men, women, and children. One of the government officials saw the armed slaves and asked for backup. A few minutes later there was a much larger number of whites in horses. They attacked the slaves, killing most and holding some of them captive. After this revolt, the state passed many laws to prevent something like this happening again. When it comes to slave rebellions, there have been many in the past, but another one that stands out to me is The German Coast Uprising. Unlike the Stono Rebellion, this was large in number. There were more than two hundred slaves involved. The revolts were approximately seventy-two years apart. In the end, the results were not the same either. In the German Coast there were burnt homes, around ninety people killed and their heads were placed in poles around the city of New Orleans. Even though they were similar, they were very different at the same time. In my opinion, if they would have done something different, they would not end up dead. The point where they got caught was when the government official saw them. They should have kept it low and ran until they were free. That is something that i think would have a different outcome than what happened, but we can not change the past; all we can do is learn from those mistakes.