I up to 4GB would be enough and

I will explain the improvements that may be in consideration
for the user if the user would like to upgrade their computer system. There are
many improvements that can be done that will improve the overall performance of
the computer system. For example, the hardware and software can be upgraded
which will be explained in more detail.

Hard drive

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The hard drive can be upgraded to improve the computer
system and this will therefore increase the capacity of the hard drive and also
more space. The current hard drive is not enough in my opinion as it only has
150GB of space and also because the user will need to edit photos and videos
and to create reports as well as presentations so it therefore means the user
will need to multi task as well. Purchasing a hard drive of 500GB would be
enough to edit and create what the user wants. Having an increased hard drive
space will mean the user can open more documents and apps without it having to
freeze and so multi-tasking can be done effectively without the worry of the
system slowing down. Furthermore, if the current hard drive is old it will
become non reliable and therefore important data can be lost so upgrading the
hard drive can prevent it. The computer system can hold more applications and
programs if there is increased hard drive and is beneficial for the user
editing and using documents like word and PowerPoint.

Improving RAM

The system can be improved by increasing the ram because the
current ram is not sufficient as it only has 2GB of ram especially for the user
needing it to edit and open documents. Not increasing the ram will mean the
user will struggle to open more than one document and the performance will be
really slow when opening programs and applications. Increasing the ram will
change this and increasing it up to 4GB would be enough and is easily the best
and easiest upgrade you could get when wanting to improve your computer system.
It will increase the performance of the computer system and will also load more
processors quickly. A lot more ram is needed for the user because the user had
to not only open many different applications but also for editing which was the
main purpose. Having more ram will need editing pictures and videos will be
much easier for the user and the performance will not be slow and buggy. Editing
applications for example adobe Photoshop have a requirement of a minimum of 4GB
to run so upgrading the ram is essential for the user. Furthermore, the ram
means that internet browsing is ultimately faster. When the system does not use
the ram memory to store information, it instead uses the hard drives so
internet surfing is faster. This makes it efficient for the user because the
overall performances will be improved.


Software upgrades

Another improvement that can be made is by upgrading the
software application from time to time and consistently. This prevents the
system from slowing down because any bugs will be removed and cleared of the
computer. Upgrading the software also means the performance will be increased
and will be faster. Having a faster system means the user can navigate through
the system easily. An advantage of upgrading to the latest software is that
there will be much more features then the old software meaning again the
performance will be improved the user can communicate with the computer better
and also the system will have the best up to date security. Application
software’s can be found for free and will only take few hours to download. Also,
although there is an AVG security system in place it could also be upgraded to
a better version. This adds significant because the performance will be faster
and there will be less chance of bugs slowing down the computer system. The
security will also be up to date and secured further if the anti-virus software
is upgraded to the maximum.

Operating system

Another improvement is by upgrading to a better operating
system. Currently, the system has windows but upgrading to a Linux OS operating
system has many more advantages compared to windows. Linux is open source
meaning it can be edited by anyone and having more freedom meaning the user can
be flexible with the Linux operating system rather than Windows. Changing the
operation system would be an easy and suitable upgrade for the user because the
performance changes drastically good rather than windows.

Solid state drive

Purchasing a solid state drive would be another upgrade for
the user because there will be two memory drives (as well as the hard drive)
the user can use to save and edit his files. The files will be large because
they are going to be used for editing videos and images so having more memory
by having a SSD is beneficial. The solid state drive is much faster and can
save more files than the hard drive so in some ways it is better. It also
stores information and data through flash memory meaning it is reliable then
the hard drive and makes less noise. Purchasing a solid state drive is a no
brainer because it has many advantages and in my opinion it is the better drive
then the hard drive.

Internet access

As stated from the user, it is not possible for the user to
link the computer to the router using a cable because it is far away as the
setup is in the bedroom. An easy solution to this is by purchasing a power line
adapter. By using a power line adapter the user can increase its internet speed
and so the performance of the system will be faster. Also it can increase the
amount of Wi-Fi range therefore the speed will be again faster. It can be
connected if there is a power plug near the user’s computer system and
therefore will allow internet access connection. Power line adapters can be
found for about £25 to £30 so the price is cheap for something that is
extremely reliable. Some adapters are much more expensive but there isn’t much
difference to cheaper ones and also the price range I mentioned is suitable
because the user doesn’t have much money to buy a very expensive one. Having
internet access is a must for the user because editing programs need to be
download and it only can be done by using the internet.