I. story. It is really an attaching movie.

I. SUMMARYA.Joe iss preparing for a dinner date at Jollibee for his Mom. Joe’s father took a video of himself for Joe and for his mom, he asked Joe to take care of his mom and prepare a Valentine’s dinner date for her.  B.Jollibee is depicting videos of different kinds of love that truly happened.  by using  love as Jollibee’s theme , is a way of persuading people. Because in our time, we are more interested in love than any other themes. It shows that love does indeed comes in all forms, and that the joy of love should always be celebrated II. Review/ critiqueA.The video was a catchy one, because of its story. It is really an attaching movie. Jollibee used pathos because while we are watching the video, we are crying because it is very sad at the same time you can really feel the love. B.”date” because it really made us cry and it touched our hearts at the same time we wanted to share meals with the family. While they are eating the chicken joy, we felt the joy in ther mouth and the satisfaction while chewing it. C.”almusal” because I found it boring because it is too long and too cliche for an advertisement like that.III. ConclusionA. Because it is a valentine’s special, I would also use the theme “Love”. I will also use different ind of love stories of Filipinos, and their memories and their experiences at jollibe. After all, love and joy goes far beyond happiness. Joy is a feeling from within, and it is external that everyone wants to achieve it. (sa jollibe bida ang saya) I. A. The TV advertisement from Jollibee entitled “Date” emphasizes how Filipinos value their families and loved ones.  On a Valentine’s day, a father and his son named Joey prepared a surprise date for his wife, Joe’ys mother, on their favorite fast food restaurant to show how much she really means to them. It is later revealed that it was a request of his father, who succumbed to his sickness not too long ago. Despite the father’s illness, Joey still managed to show his love through his efforts to make the surprise date come true.  B. The main theme of the five commercial ads  focuses on how Filipinos value and show their love. With the help of Jollibee, they were able to show their efforts to their families and loved ones. II. A. Both Pathos and Ethos were used in the commercial ads since it captured audience’s hearts and emotions as it relates them to realistic situation that may happen. It also gains trust and credibility as it shows how Jollibee stayed with them all through out their journey.  B. Among all the five tv ads, the “Date” is the most impactful and effective to the audiences because it captured their hearts as it shows how Jollibee became important part of their lives.  C. Among the five ads, the least appealing and effective in capturing emotions is the last one which was showed by “Jadine”, because unlike the other four, it became too cool that it doesn’t show much affection to it’s viewers. III.  A. If I were a writer of a TV commercial, I will emphasize the importance of a family and a home. I will show that Valentine’s day is not only celebrated with a Valentine date but with the family who truly loves you no matter what or when. This will give morale to a lot of people especially the millenials, who feel bad whenever they celebrate Valentine’s day without a Valentine’s date.