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I am writing to you in support of my student Mr. Iftekhar Ul haq for his admission to your graduate program in applied computing at your university. I have known Mr. Iftekhar for four years and have instructed him in three different courses at Muffakham jah college  and technology. In this period i had many opportunities to witness his capabilities and  intuit his talents. Iftekhar has routinely ranked top 15% of his class. Academically, he is an extremely strong student, He consistently exhibits enthusiasm and vigor in all that he approaches. Iftekhar has proved that through hard work, follow through, and teamwork that he can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner. His performance in subjects like  was impeccable where he managed to rank among top 5 in his class, He has has also shown an innovative nature and ability to think from a non-conventional point of view.  I have seen him have an urge  to understand the concepts past the theoretical manner which reflects his potential for practical purposes. Throughout the time i’ve taught Iftekhar, he has been an active participant in the class discussions where he always supported his peers and lead them. He displayed good leadership skills when involved in projects, In his fifth semester  he and his team made a project which was highly appreciated by the head of the department, which also was awarded the second prize the annual fest panoply, he took charge of the team. He was aware of strengths and limitations of his team members and assigned them task accordingly. His nature and personality allows him to work well with others.  In Short, I give Iftekhar my highest recommendation. He will  make an outstanding graduate student. He has the intellectual capacity and has the ambition.  I have no doubts that Iftekhar  will excel in Master’s programs in Computer Science  I think he will make a great contribution to your university l and I’m very much looking forward to seeing and experiencing the contributions he will make in the field of Computer Science.