I opportunities, is been now 4 years

I am Rosario, I
came from the region Sicily, in Italy, when I was in Italy since 1986 I
was the owner of an electric domestic appliance store, my brother has the 50%
of the business. However, few years ago an unfortunate event for our business
took place within few miles from our store, two giant shopping centres appeared
and since then we had really tough times for the competition generated by these
two shopping malls. In 2011, we decided to close our store before the business
start to develop a negative profit and the second reason is the amount to tax
we had to pay which was leaving us just a small amount of profit at the end of
the month. During this long period, I have learned and enhanced many aspects of
the business because as an owner I had to cover most of the job role for the
store in order to avoid extra staff cost. Afterward I decided to move to London
for a new life and opportunities, is been now 4 years here in London, my first
job was in Blue arrow, where I had chance to experience a variety of job roles
through this agency. In 2016, I started to work in “the London
Clinic” in medical warehouse staff through dynamic recruitment consultants
limited, and then I started to work in security staff with “Comer group”
which is my current occupation, although this is not the lifestyle I want to
maintain for the rest of my life.     

While I was living in UK I started a Facebook
page which now reached more than 15.000 followers named ‘Radio Londra
Italia’ and every day is growing bigger and bigger, thanks to this social page
I had chance to meet new people, among these, I found few who wants and have
the financial ability to build a partnership and invest money for my future
carrier, film maker. The biggest passion in my life is write subjects and
stories for create movies, and I would like to open a start-up about that, for
developing a series of movies in cooperation with other
The main stories will be in focus with the
multicultural life in the City, in a mix of comedy using the beautiful
landscapes in Uk. I would like to find the right connection for my project,
with my use of social media and my study in marketing. This is the main reason
why I decided to study for an undergraduate degree, after a detailed research and
consultation with my friends I decided to study Marketing which is a
fundamental and valuable section of a healthy business corporation. 

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In the pursuit of my ambitions I have been faced
with many options as to what course and university to choose. I am looking to
join a programme that can be tailored and developed to the developing business
field, while I was looking for the adequate institution to study Marketing, I
found the University of Anglia Ruskin, which includes many interesting modules
such as Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. I am confident enough to say
that I believe I have made the right decision to study at your university and
am certain that your institution will exceed my expectations.