I briefly summed up my field of interest

I have written this Study Plan to underline my
motivation for choosing MS in Computer Science through China Scholarship
Council (CSC) Scholarship in CHINA. I have briefly summed up my field of
interest and career objectives.

Academic Background:

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have completed my Bachelors studies in Computer Sciences from “COMSATS
Institute of Information Technology” Pakistan, in January 2017. I was an active
student among others during my Bachelors studies, very often shown a excellent
record in curricular and co-curricular activities also witnessed by my
authoritative personalities. I did course projects during the Four years of
study individually as well as in a group which created in me self-confidence as
well as ability to work in team environment.

did my final year project on “COMSATS Android Application” with the group of
three members in which I was Lead the Team. The Android App will push the
notification for the important announcements by the staff of the campus and the
App will use Google Cloud Messaging for pushing the notification. A walk
through gate function will be introduced in this App which will help to
navigate the new students to the desired location within the campus. Information
regarding course portal and faculty details will be available for the students of
the Comsats. Student will be able to see the schedule of their classes. Google
Analytics will be integrate in the app that will track and show the reports of
the traffic in this Android App. While working on this project I found strong
motivation in myself towards graduate study and research in the area of Big


fact, I am keen to serve the mankind socially as I have a dynamic potential of
keeping the friends under the umbrella of sincerity and friendly nature, a good
communicator indeed who is blessed with many friends. I have a good practice of
effective and efficient communication that allows me to access the individuals
with positive approach bringing an ultimate dedication to work for better
future. Apart from my endeavors I am keen to work and collaborate with the
diverse form of people coming from different parts of the world that’s makes me
able to work with different thoughts of people under different circumstances. Meetings
are always important because they prove to be useful in future also it makes
things easy whether one works or studies in his own country or outside the


Perspectives Regarding China:

would like to apply for the Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences in China
because in different phases that I have gone through during my Bachelors study,
I realized the fact that there is more knowledge which is remaining to be
explored in the field of Computer Sciences; this caught my attention and
created a thirst of knowledge in me to study my chosen area. My motto is to
work in an international field related to Big Data. Therefore, I would like to
gain theoretical and practical knowledge in starting and managing most
innovative projects related to Big Data. I have a deep vision of unveiling
hidden inventions in this field that brings progress by leaps and bounds in the
field of technology and I would accompany the professors and university
colleagues in carrying out research and exploring for immense exciting
industrial mysteries in the field of Big Data. After completion of my Master’s Degree
I hope to be able to take part in maximizing my country’s research in the field
of technology to benefit its economy and enhance the living standards.

to study in China:

the question is, “Why China?” Reading and observing cultures & people, using
internet, exploring ideas of developed nations, foremost example came to my
mind is China by analyzing and observing the people of China. I am really
impressed that Chinese people have proved themselves to be dedicated to their work
and with true efforts they have set China as a successful example for other
third world or developed countries. The Technological advancement and the
global ranking education institutes of China makes a great aspiration to the
students and professionals for the better career perspectives. Thus, such kind
of positivity has increased my confidence and I am strongly satisfied with the
decision that I have taken to study in China. Moreover, China’s different
cultural norms and values, the famous gentle hospitality of Chinese people and
Pakistan-China friendly relations since past to promote bilateral trade,
acceptance and peace to both sides in great clarity make me feel that China as
my second homeland; also my family fully supports me for China being my
preference for Masters Degree.

also believe that provided the research facilities, I would also be able to
write valuable research papers in the field of Computer Science that’s make me
motivated to apply for this scholarship. I believe I would prove to be a
valuable asset for the university itself and towards the field of Computer
Science. All of these multi reasons have urged me and I have come to the
decision that China is most preferable place for me to study. I hope this
statement will find you in favorable and obliged circumstances that will create
my ways to study over there.