I my adoration for advancement and innovation to

I strongly emphasize education
as a vital asset to maintain the quality of living standards in mankind and everyone
needs to endeavor their best to accomplish it.  My profession has to build a
positive impact on the lives of people in my society. I love to dream and build
new things.
With these two interests, it was clear from the beginning what path I would lean
toward. I have been consistently scoring distinction in all exams in the
undergraduate course until now and I am certain that I can take up the NUS and
complete with flying colors.

college experience qualified me about the importance of seeking to use my aptitude
to make the world better. I studied in KIET for four years, where I experienced
life outside of my comfortable zone of residence. That knowledge inundated me
with the conviction that I could be the one to truly build a change.

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I had
developed various projects and exhibited in the events conducted in our college
and in other universities. I had corresponded to the college at national level
technical events conducted by other institutions and received many accolades.
This real life experience helped me in understanding the significance of
sequencing and optimizing a task in a better way. I accomplished 72108th
rank out of 12 lac students who appeared for JEE examination. I secured third
position in the Zonal Waste Management Competition, first position for Smart
City project and first position in Technical Events competition organized by
NIT Hamirpur. I hope to have the capability to keep
utilizing my adoration for advancement and innovation to improve living

Your esteemed
institution has a peerless reputation for emphasizing practical knowledge and
innovation for its students and promotes an excellent industry-institute
relationship. I am confident that your institution will enable me to contribute
positively to the regular-changing industrial situation. I look up graduate
studies in the department of civil engineering & Related Subjects at your
esteemed institution as an opening to build up my skills and give a direction
to my vocation & to fulfill my core ideas.