I look like a scribble in a sketchbook

I went to exhibition of artist named Jamie Hayon in seoul and he is spanish artist-designer and he also has designed many furnitures and various lighting fixtures collections. Basically, Jaime Hayon drew what he is thinking and create in real life and there are some examples. That was a drawing of beds that Jaime Hayon drew at his sketchbook and I thought it was very interesting. Even though sketch looked very simple, I felt very amazing about that artwork. When I looked at the words that he wrote, I noticed there was small lightning at the bed and end parts of the bed was bent and it made me thought the bed will be cozy and comfortable if it was made in real life and also the structure of the bed looked very unique. I was very interested and felt marvelous that sketch was detailed and make me think how it will feel if it was made. Also, I thought the bed in the sketch will also match with different colors like brown, white, or black. So, even though it was just simple sketches of furnitures, it made me think very differently and I thought it was very creative and inspired me at sketching. This was the drawing of light fixture and like the previous picture, this also look like a scribble in a sketchbook but I also thought differently. Also, it is not common that people use those kinds of shape or use different color in lightning fixture. However, I personally think it was very creative and amusing that he played the colors like that. I think Jaime Hayon colored those sketches with color pencils and it is pretty detailed and it is very delicate if I look at the coloring.  If those sketches are created in real life, I think the colors are going to pass through the glass and created different colors of light which is very unique and fun. If I become a artist and designer and it becomes light fixtures that are able to use in real life, it will make me feel very satisfied and have a good feeling as a artist. Therefore, when I was appreciating those art works by Jaime Hayon, I felt Jaime’s main interest was to find challenges and new perspective continuously and create different furnitures and electronic light fixtures. Lastly, after I appreciate this exhibition, It inspired me to be more creative and think differently and I also want to design or create something that is practical for people. Also, Jaime Hayon surprised me of his creativeness and more surprised that he was also making things that was able to use in real life.