I a caring and compassionate nature; I am

I have done
various work placements. One of my placements was in a local nursing home. I
looked at how the care was being delivered to the residents from being lifted
using a hoist to having their bandages changed. I learnt about the importance
of maintaining a clean sterile area when changing a bandage, to reduce any
cross contamination of infection. Feedback from my placement manger said that
my strengths are that I was excellent at communicating with the residents, and
that I have a good attitude and a lovely personality which is another important
aspect to have as you must be compassionate, kind and caring to the service
I thoroughly enjoyed all the placements but
by far I enjoyed the hospital placement the most, since the placement I knew
that’s where I wanted to work. The excitement of the fast-paced environment and
patient centred caring approach is what really attracts me especially knowing
that you’re making a difference to someone’s day or even life is an adrenaline
rush in its self.

The fact
that an operating department practise requires you to have qualities such as
being able to interact and care for people and enables you to develop new
skills, which are used in everyday life is what made me choose it as a career
path. In this career you must be selfless and sensitive to others and be aware
of how they are feeling, once you are fully involved in this this specific
career I believe it is a profession for life that influences the way you think and act. I want to
help service users and assist them through their most vulnerable times and
protect them from harm.

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The reason
why I aspire to a career as an operating department practise is because I have
always wanted a career where I could make a real difference in working directly
with people and interacting with them at their most vulnerable. Personality
traits that I have are beneficial towards this chosen career as it will allow
me to deliver the best care in a caring and compassionate nature; I am
passionate about developing a career in supporting operating, as I am a hard
worker and I am truly dedicated to the academic and professional learning in
clinical environments.