I able to communicate and be capable of

I want to study Computer Science because I like to problem-solve and I
enjoy a challenge. Computers make tough tasks simpler and faster to perform, I
want to study how computers do this. Computer Science will let me to study features
of computers in depth such as programming, algorithms and operating systems. Moreover,
Computer Science is a growing subject that has the power to affect people’s
daily lives now and in the future. It really intrigues me how software systems
such as Google and Facebook all boil down to the simple but fundamental aspects
of Computer Science and once an individual learns these, the opportunities are endless.
What I love most about Computer Science is that you can study development, analysis
and design of hardware and software used to resolve problems in a variation of circumstances,
for instance in science, social and commercial situations.


To be a successful student at university you must be able to organise,
be able to communicate and be capable of independent research. My college
courses require me to do a lot of research which has meant that I have had to
develop an independent and a self-reliant approach to studying. Through
studying ICT, I have been inspired to learn more about computer systems, how
operating systems work, it has improved my communications skills because I
worked in groups to complete projects. In addition, ICT has made me aware of
the aspects of computing that before I was not aware about, for example system
management, security of computer systems and software management. In Games
Development I work with Maya, which is software for 3D modelling, by using Maya
I have developed environments and models for games and animations. Maya has
made me curious about how the it operates and primarily depend on programming
to function. It has made me question where the boundaries of computing lie. In Games
Development and IT, I have done presentations and pitches to showcase my ideas
and projects. This has increased my self-confidence in front of other people.
In Media Studies I have learned analytical skills by comparing media texts. Computer
science is far-reaching field which requires spirit, dedication and enthusiasm
to spend hours on end to create solutions for problems, I believe I have these
qualities in abundance.

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In college I followed my interest in computing by joining a Realising
Aspirations programme where I visited a university and was given an inspiring
opportunity to attend talks by computer professionals at the cutting edge of
their field. Also in Realising Aspirations, I attended a lecture, by a
professor from a local university, in the lecture I learnt about artificial
intelligence and web technology such as JavaScript, HMTL and CSS. This
experience gave me a great insight into the subject, specifically about
artificial intelligence which helped me confirm that I wanted to do Computer Science.
At home to increase my understanding of the subject, I enrolled myself into
online programming courses to learn C++.

During my spare time, I watch online programming tutorials, I practice
to increase my knowledge and acquaint myself with the subject. I also follow
the latest technology news to see what new things are being invented and
innovations. I have done extensive research and I found that understanding and
experimentation is one the main elements of computing. Moreover, I have fixed
many computers over the past few years. This has taught be lot about
troubleshooting. Using my understanding of computers, I have taught my older
family members how to use computers safely and responsibly.

Outside my computing interests I like to spend my time playing
football with my friends, I enjoy taking part and challenge myself. I also play
cricket for my local team which helps me with self-discipline and communication
skills. I want to make an impact on society with the skills I will learn in
university. I am looking forward at the prospect of studying computing at