I ever did such a serious works” (measurement?map

I research in Tamagawa brothers.?Syoemon
is old brother’s name. little brother is Seiemon. They made Tamagawa service
water and hero of my town. In japan, they are not well known but their
achievement helped many people who lived in Edo which is ancient Tokyo. I want
many people to know them, so I talk about them.

In early Edo era,
population of Edo increased quickly and suffer from water shortage. To solve
their problem, Government decided to make Syoemon and Seiemon build service
water which flow from the upper of Tama river to Edo. “Its scale is compared
with Roman Waterworks” (Party of Service Water Dictionary). “They had did public
works but had ever did such a serious works” (measurement?map
small life of a person: Tamagawa brothers). “If we make service water, we need
not only know how to make service water but also know how difference is their
altitude, what gradient we should make the service water, and how to measure
gentle” (measurement?map small life of a
person: Tamagawa brothers). Yagi says that they started their work in April
1653, took only eight months by being completed to Yotuyaookido where is
entrance of Edo and finished their work which make underground guttering from
Yotuyaookido to Toranomonn where is the center of Edo (History of Tamagawa
Service Water).

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“Completing Tamagawa
service water gave brothers distress” (Tamagawa brothers vs Kanto Loam Layer  a frustrated mistake). They had mistaken two
times. At first, they started in Hino. When they dug some distance, they tried to
run water. Because of meeting with Mizukuraido, which absorb water very well, they
could not continue their work. At second time, they started in Fussa. But they
met with a large rock. It was too hard to continue their work. “It was
difficult to do the third construction because the money of the construction is
almost spent” (Tamagawa brothers vs Kanto Loam Layer  a frustrated mistake). But they had many
debts and completed their work.

Tamagawa brothers
accomplished difficult work against failure. I think that they wanted to give
up their work when they met with the obstacles but they never give up. I want
me to do everything like them and make the great achievement.