I can’t say that your environment can’t heavily

I agree with the statement that you are a product of your environment to an extent. I think that everyone is a product of his or her environment depending on certain conditions but when there is no ‘condition’ the answer becomes misconstrued.

Being solely product of your environment makes it seem like created in a factory on an assembly line. Life is not like that. Nevertheless that does not mean you can’t say that your environment can’t heavily influence one’s self.  Say that you lived in a snowy area and you have only known the snow and no other weather. It is very unlikely that you will grow up to be a veteran snowboarder.

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Being aware of one’s self, influences what, and more importantly who, we become. Our environment does not have any power on a ‘dead’ empty vessel that cannot think analytically. My point is we are the product of our decisions as well. When we look at success stories such as people who beat the odds, they were not the product of their environment; if they were, they would be full of negativity dictated by an ‘environment’ of naysayers.

If you give someone food, they will eat it for a moment but if you teach them how to grow food, they will eat it for the rest of their lives. This is the most logical conclusion right?. Wrong. What if the mind of the person was elsewhere while you taught them, what if they don’t want to be taught; teaching a mindless rat farming won’t get it anywhere, no matter how hard you try. Basically, it is our decisions that dictate who we are. If we decide to become something, we will.

Our environment plays a different role. The environment is there to be influenced by our decisions. If you have a growth mind-set, you can change your environment. Perhaps your idea of a changed environment is more money, so you work hard to achieve that goal despite your current environment. If you limit yourself to your environment then you cannot succeed. If you see yourself in this light then this means that you will be a ‘bad product’ because you have chosen for your environment to influence you. However, if you choose to let yourself influence your environment then you decide the final product. This is why we have success stories of underdogs and those who defeated the naysayers. This is why we are not only the product of our environment, we are the product of our choices and our mind-set as well.